Korean car manufacturer Kia has officially confirmed that their Imagine concept car is set to enter production.

As per a report by Auto Express, the company’s chief executive designer Luc Donkerwolke stated that the all-electric SUV coupe would be the first of its kind from the Korean manufacturer.

The design indicates that the car is inspired by the Kia Stinger as well as the Optima. While the vehicle has been confirmed to have an all-electric powertrain, it is also expected that the car will retain its connected headlamps and suicide-style doors.

The Imagine concept by Kia had showcased 21 synchronised screens on the entire dashboard. However, the production version is expected to feature two horizontal connected screens which will display most, if not all the information. The car is also likely to be underpinned by a new electric platform. This platform will make its debut by 2020.

The company has not shared any further details about the car, so its powertrain and output figures remain under speculation. However, it is evident that the company will share this platform with Hyundai for future models.

The car is expected to hit the international markets by 2022, but there has been no confirmation about the car’s arrival in India. However, the company’s first compact SUV, the SP2i -based model will be launched in the Indian markets soon.


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