What to Post on Instagram: 10 Inspiring Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed

What to Post on Instagram: 10 Inspiring Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed

Instagram is no more just a social network for photo sharing. Today, over a billion people use this platform every day, 500 million of them regularly view stories and 200 million visits at least one business profile.

All these numbers confirm once again: Instagram is the platform where any brand should be present. Visual content allows companies to quickly and easily convey the desired message to the target audience. It is one of the biggest problems for a lot of brands to figure out what to post. If you buy Instagram followers, you need to make them stay on your page.

We collected 10 ideas for videos, photos, and other content that brands can post on their Instagram pages.

1. Backstage Photos

Instagram is the right place to give your brand a touch of humanity. Give your followers a peek behind the scenes to see how everything works inside. It’s also a great promo for your HR campaigns. Look at the Instagram of the Boston Red Sox professional baseball team.

2. Reposts from Fans and Followers

Their fans created some of the best photos on brands’ accounts. For example, FedEx Instagram almost entirely consists of amateur photos. Thus, the company receives unique content and shows that it is attentive to its fans. Before posting them on your channel, make sure that all photos are of sufficient quality, and do not forget to mention the author in the publication. Asos has a special hashtag for such reposts #AsSeenOnMe.

To post a photo from someone else’s Instagram, you can take a screenshot or use one of the repost services.

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At first glance, the idea of ​​publishing quotes might seem like a bad idea. Remember a flashmob in which the users ridiculed girls posting their nude photos with long philosophical descriptions.

However, if you approach quotes wisely, you will find that your audience is willing to save smart thoughts and tag friends in the comments. Quotes are an excellent opportunity to show what values ​​your brand shares. Also, you can use special apps to create images with text.

4. Statistics

Another idea for an image with text is to post numbers that your audience might be interested in. You can either use statistics from your research or find data that might support your message.

5. News

If something interesting is happening in your city or country (national holiday, weather phenomenon, etc.), support the informational occasion. But when posting a photo, remember that everything must be guided by common sense – be sure to check the facts and refrain from insults.

6. Humor

Don’t forget to make your followers laugh. Sometimes we remember the best photos that make us laugh. Memes are also a great option. Professionals advise to post funny photos on Friday, because that is the day, according to research, people feel happier.

7. Direct Advertising

Instagram is not a place to post ads every day. But that does not mean you can not periodically use it to showcase your products. The digital marketers suggest sticking to an 80/20 strategy: 80% of posts should be useful, 20% – advertising. But remember, even advertising a product needs to be engaging and creating. And don’t forget to include a link with a conversion tracking tag in your bio.

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8. Videos

Instagram videos are viral. Statistics show that every 4th ad is in the format of video. When Instagram first introduced the video feature in June 2013, over 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours.

In addition, video is more effective than conventional photography.

How to make an effective video for Instagram?

  • It should be short, engaging, and call to action. Oddly enough, but it should be built according to the same canons as the advertising text.
  • In terms of duration – in stories, it is 10 seconds long, in a post – up to 60 seconds. Also, the videos that are watched to the end are ranked as content with high engagement, therefore, they begin to be shown to more people.
  • Almost always, people watch videos on Instagram without sound. If you want efficiency, use titles and captions.

9. Hyperlapse Videos

If your video doesn’t fit in 60 seconds, then create a hyper-lapse video. A hyper-lapse technology involves shooting accelerated video with image stabilization. To create a time-lapse video, the camera must take pictures at a shallow frame rate, which are then “glued” together. The videos look pretty cool.

10. Giveaways and Contests

If you want to support a new product launch, competitions and giveaways are the best ways to attract new people to your account. In a post, you can explain the essence of the competition, and add an active link to the landing page in your biography on your account page.

Do not Forget About the Hashtags

According to HubSpot statistics, 93.8% of posts on the network are accompanied by hashtags.

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Everyone already knows why we need hashtags. Another question is how to use them effectively – so that a hashtag is a business tool and not just a useless “postscript” at the end of the post.

Posts with 9-12 hashtags tend to achieve more engagement than posts with any other number of hashtags (according to the Hubspot research).

In addition, the number of hashtags depends on the number of followers.

  • Up to 5K followers – only 6 hashtags in the description are most effective.
  • From 5K to 10K followers – use 5 hashtags in the first comment.
  • From 10K to 50K followers – only 2 hashtags in the description are most effective.
  • From 50K to 100K followers – 8 hashtags in the description win.
  • From 100K followers – it is better to place 6 hashtags in the first comment.

None of the posts containing the full 30 hashtags (or close to 30) got the best results, regardless of profile size.

If you have a local company, then the hashtags are a must. In hashtags, you can show a geographic location.

It will increase the reach of the audience from the region or area you need.

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