What’s Inside an SEO Reseller Package?

What’s Inside an SEO Reseller Package?

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of services that allow you to expand your reach and offer more value to your clients. If you’re a web designer, for instance, you have the opportunity to offer SEO services to maintain a website or increase its rankings in search engines. Building your own in-house team can be a challenge, however. 

The good thing is that there are now agencies that offer a white label SEO reseller program, which is essentially an option for you to sell SEO services to your clients without having to do all the hard work on your own. This way, you can delegate important tasks to the experts.

An SEO reseller program is a smart way to attract new clients into your business and offer more valuable services to your existing clientele. This type of package involves you as the agency that wants to offer SEO services to your clients and an SEO reseller that will take care of all the services that are included in your SEO reseller package.

But what’s exactly inside an SEO reseller package? Let’s take a look.

1. Keyword Research

You can’t put too much emphasis on the importance of keyword research as part of any successful SEO campaign. Understanding your client’s keywords will help you drive more traffic to their website, get better chances at converting visitors into customers, and give customers a more meaningful journey through the sales funnel.

But keyword research is also one of the most complex tasks in SEO. It requires SEO analysts to use different SEO tools like SEMRush to dig deep into the client’s website and determine all the factors that will help them come up with the most lucrative keywords in their niche.

By offering keyword research as part of your SEO reseller package, you can help a client create a more solid SEO strategy without having to worry about having your own in-house SEO team. 

Through proper keyword research, you can offer a more accurate keyword list that will help form the foundations of a successful SEO campaign.

2. Content Tailoring

You can’t be successful at SEO without offering high-quality content. Writing blog posts, creating product descriptions, and just offering useful content takes time and expertise that a lot of your clients might not have. After all, writers are highly in-demand, and hiring the best ones may not come cheap. 

By offering content creation services as part of your SEO reseller package, you can help clients come up with well-curated content without blowing off their marketing budget. You will gain access to a team of content marketing specialists who know how to pitch the best topics for a client’s brand and value proposition and do extensive research on keywords and other valuable information to include in articles. 

Google snippet tool allows webmasters and content publishers to strategically construct page titles and meta description tags that will result in aesthetically-pleasing or eye-catching listings in Google’s organic search results.

These experts are also responsible for creating content calendars that follow the standards of search engines and coming up with top-quality content that is fully edited and proofread to make sure that clients are putting their best foot forward out there. 

Link building is a strategy that allows clients to get more eyes to their content and earn more traffic to their website. Since this is a technical SEO task, offering your clients strong link building plans as part of your SEO reseller package means that you’re allowing them to work with an experienced link builder that will help them get high-quality links and build them according to the standards of search engines. 

Link builders can do everything from tracking and fixing broken links to doing outreach programs and guest posts to boost your client’s exposure online.  

4. Guest Post Service

Guest posting is one of the most efficient ways for any website to get natural backlinks that will help it obtain more authority and increase its ranking in search engines. But guest posting can also get tricky since a client is writing for another website where there are rules and standards that need to be met. 

By offering this service as part of your SEO reseller package, you can help clients get more leverage for their website by doing outreach programs and creating guest posts that not only get approved by website owners but also are shared by their readers. 

5. Mobile Usability

With the growing number of consumers accessing websites through mobile phones, clients need to make their websites optimized for mobile usability. If you’re in website design, you can offer this as a value-added service to clients whose websites you previously worked on or those who are just creating a new website. You can then work with the team from your partner agency as part of your SEO reseller package in creating a more cohesive, updated, and mobile-friendly website for clients without having to hire new members to your own team.

Who Can Avail of SEO Reseller Packages?

Anyone working in digital marketing can actually take advantage of an SEO reseller program. You could be a digital marketing agency, a web design and development company, a content marketing firm, or an existing SEO agency. 

As long as SEO services fit with what your clients need, you can avail of an SEO reseller package to earn more revenue without having to spend a lot building your own team. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting SEO Reseller Packages?

Being an SEO reseller means that you’re giving your business a chance to expand its horizons without the growing pains. Here are some of the many benefits of getting SEO reseller packages:

 You can guarantee reliable services. 

Unlike hiring your own team, in which you’re not really sure what one person is capable of doing unless you commit to hiring them, going for an SEO reseller package means that you’re guaranteed excellent service from day one. Instead of planning and launching SEO campaigns for your clients on your own, you get to work with a trustworthy SEO agency that can guarantee the results that your clients expect without you having to stress about the process of getting there.

Plus, clients tend to spread the word of how you are as a company, so it is vital to ensure reliability in everything that you do.

You gain access to experts. 

A successful SEO campaign requires real experts, and unless you’re already very successful, you can only gain access to that pool of talent if you work with a credible SEO agency. This is especially important if you’re a new marketer who doesn’t have extensive knowledge or a team that specializes in SEO. Some seasoned agencies even go for SEO reseller packages because it allows them to gain access to experts who can answer their questions, fix faulty campaigns, and make their SEO services more efficient and successful.

You give options to customers. 

Most clients today prefer to go with an agency that has everything they need in one place rather than one that only specializes in a single solution. This could be a disadvantage to you, but you can turn things around by taking advantage of an SEO reseller package that allows you to offer more options to your customers and upgrade your agency without breaking your bank. 

You get to learn and grow.

Growth is very important for your business, and doing things on your own may make it harder for you to expand your services and eventually grow your agency. But when you work with a trusted SEO agency, you get the chance to learn things that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn if you are only working within your own team. 

You are also giving your business and the agency’s business a chance to mutually grow because you get to serve as an extended sales network for the agency that you’re partnering with. It also allows you to accept more clients at a time and offer more SEO services without having to worry about scaling up your manpower or investing in more resources.

You get to save money.

Putting together an SEO agency is expensive. You need to hire a huge team of experts that specialize in content, analytics, social media, link building, and web design, among others. 

But, if you go for an SEO reseller package, you get to have access to this pool right away without committing yourself to new employees, having to pay for bigger office space, or needing to take care of more expensive operational costs.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot that an SEO reseller program can do to help you build a stronger foundation for your business. As long as you find the right partner, you can easily grow your reach to attract more clients and build stronger relationships with existing ones by constantly offering them more value. 

So, if you want to avail of a complete White Label SEO Reseller Program for your business, you can get in touch with our team at Ardor SEO. We guarantee that you and your clients will get top-notch SEO services every time. 

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