WhatsApp could soon let you move your chat history between Android and iOS

WhatsApp may soon allow users to migrate chats between operating systems (WhatsApp)

WhatsApp may soon allow its users to transfer their chat history between the two dominant operating systems in the mobile world.

At present, if you switched phones from an iPhone to an Android device – such as Google’s new Pixel 6 – or vice versa, you wouldn’t be able to take your chats with you.

It’s something that WhatsApp is working to change.

Back in August, WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart tweeted that the company was starting out with iPhones to Samsung phones and then would branch out to general Android devices.

Now it appears the world’s most popular messaging app is getting close to making the feature official.

According to the WhatsApp-watching WABetaInfo blog, being able to move your chats between an iPhone and any device running Android 12 is possible.

However, the site reports users will need to download a special ‘Move to iOS’ app to facilitate the transfer.

It even obtained a screenshot, appearing to show the move in action – with iOS asking for permission for the chat data to be migrated.

An alleged screenshot of chat migration on WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

Unfortunately, we don’t have any kind of timeframe for when this feature may go live for WhatsApp’s billions of users.

While it looks like Samsung and Google Pixel phones are okay (they are usually among the first to get the latest version of Andoid), handsets from other manufacturers aren’t confirmed.

‘Unfortunately, this feature is not available right now, and supported operating systems are unknown,’ states WABetaInfo.

‘We don’t have details about the release of the feature, but we’re following the development and we will inform you when there is news.’

WhatsApp users also waiting for true multi-device syncing to make it out of the beta stage.

At present, those with access to the beta program can log into WhatsApp on up to four devices without being connected to their smartphone.

Previously users had to have their phones switched on and connected to the internet to be able to use the web-based version of the app on other devices.

With this feature, once the devices have been linked initially, users can send messages using the desktop app or the web-based app without needing their phone to be connected.

Multi-device syncing has not yet made it to the full consumer release of WhatsApp (Getty Images)

For iPhone users, the multidevice feature can be enabled from WhatsApp’s Settings tab.

In the Settings tab, choose Linked Devices > Multidevice Beta > Join Beta. 

Meanwhile, Android smartphone users can tap the dotted menu button from the toolbar, then choose Linked Devices >Multidevice Beta > Join Beta.

Both sets of users need to scan the QR code available on their secondary devices to link it with their WhatsApp account.

Users can leave the beta at any point if they prefer to wait for the final, stable release.

To leave the multi-device Beta, you simply need to go back to the Linked Devices section in WhatsApp settings, then tap Multi-device Beta > Leave Beta.

Whatsapp is also not available on an Android tablet or iPad for now.

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