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WhatsApp has begun working on a video muting feature for when sharing content. As reported by XDA Developers this would allow users to mute a video before sending onto friends and family.

This is not the only feature that WhatsApp has been working on over the last few weeks. Since the start of the year, the secure messaging service has begun working to bring about a host of new innovations.

One of which is the introduction of a ‘Read Later’ section to replace archived chats. This had been talked about for a while as WhatsApp aim to make the layout of the app simpler and easier to manage.

WhatsApp has also brought in some new security features to try and make using the app on desktop safer. Users are now required to use biometric authentication in order to access their chats on the web. This helps alleviate some of the fears that WhatsApp had ceased prioritising security.

This new video muting feature should make sharing content over WhatsApp that little bit more simple. It allows users to share videos with no background noise with much more ease than before.

WhatsApp working on video muting feature

The new feature has been spotted in version number of the app. This will give users the ability to toggle whether they want to send a video with sound or without it.

This feature is already currently available on Instagram direct messaging. It is essentially the same feature and is currently under beta testing with WhatsApp. This means it is likely to roll out to the public sometime in the near future.

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When this will be exactly is still unknown. Many things can speed up or delay rollouts of these features but it is safe to say that this feature will come to the public at some stage.

In some instances, these features can take a while to fully roll out and often end up hitting the public rather haphazardly. Given WhatsApp recently added the aforementioned desktop biometric authentication security layer with relative ease hopefully this feature will also hit our phones quickly as well.

Overall though this looks like a positive feature that many users will find useful. Having a quick and easy method to edit videos like this will naturally please many. As a result, we will keep our ears to the ground for when this rolls out fully to all of us.


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