When Mister Totally Missus the Point

Many are the ways we wish to honour our spouses. Many also are the ways we hope to avoid ourselves being identified. These two manynesses came together in the case of an Indonesian gentleman identified as ‘DW’ last Sunday when he disguised himself as his wife to travel on a Jakarta-Ternate flight. Why on earth did he want to pass himself off as his wife? Because he was earlier found Covid-positive and his wife wasn’t.

The switch could, he figured, let him travel breaking Covid protocol. But how did he turn himself into his missus? Even wearing a double-mask — in this case, a naqab over a Covid mask — surely, a man can be differentiated from a woman, if not a husband from a wife? Procedures at airport security, like a pat down, usually do the needful. But only if the needful ever arises, which it hardly, if ever, does.

Disguising yourself as your spouse, so as to travel on her or his passport, is not something we recommend, gentle reader. The daring DW, for all his successful subterfuge, was caught midway through the flight when he committed the cardinal mistake of changing ‘back’ into men’s clothes in the airplane washroom. He was identified, detained, tested Covid-positive and now awaits charges.

Two morals of this story: one, maintain a healthy space between you and your spouse. And, two, never change your clothes mid-flight.


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