Which Countries Have the Largest Percentage of Gamblers?

Which Countries Have the Largest Percentage of Gamblers?

Las Vegas, U.S. may be the capital of gambling, but when it comes to top gambling countries, the UK has the largest percentage of active gamblers per capita. The gambling world is a multi-billion dollar industry with so many options for players.

United Kingdom 

The UK stands out amongst the most gambling countries and the number of people gambling has increased over the last few years. In 2018 and 2019, the total Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) was £14.4 billion. Sixty-five percent of the gambling population consists of those under the age of 21, and you can start trying your luck at 18. 

The national lottery has had the highest participation. But, in 2020, due to Coronavirus restrictions, online gambling became even more popular. Gambling websites allow people to play in the comfort of their home whilst in lockdown. Online casinos are attractive due to them being easy to access from anywhere. 

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Australia stands out among gambling countries as it has the most significant losses. In 2017, according to the Australian Gaming Council, the country’s population spent $24 billion on gambling or about $1,292 per person. This increased from previous years, both in gambling as a whole and also in various other related categories. 

Slot and poker machines, lottery tickets, and online sports betting are the biggest contributors in the country’s gambling industry. It’s a nation where even the central bank raised its interest rates because of gambling. 

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Opening its first casinos in 2010, Singapore has made its way to becoming a popular gambling destination. Although the ASEAN nation is still young when it comes to the gambling industry, Singapore has created some of the most luxurious casinos and resorts to attract high rollers from around the world. 

It’s more of a gambling destination for tourists versus locals since the government is not too fond of gambling. The government imposes a S$100 citizen only entry fee to discourage locals from entering casinos. It’s designed to crack down on gambling problems, but with almost $1 billion paid in entry fees to the government, it is clear the locals have a strong intent to engage in gambling.

Singapore also has a unique feature to regulate gambling. It’s called Family Exclusion Orders. Simply put, families can ban members in their own household from entering a casino.


Ireland is known for its famous Guinness beer, but when it comes to gambling, this country isn’t slowing down. Who doesn’t enjoy a pint and a wager? With a population of 5 million, the Irish managed to spend €9.8 billion gambling in 2019, which is about €379 per person. 

The Irish punted on everything from scratch cards to horse races, and online casinos weren’t forgotten either. Horse racing and sports betting rank as the most popular forms of gambling, but with the appearance of online casinos, the percentage of gamblers is rising. Ireland is one of the smaller European countries, but it makes up about 40% of the continent’s gambling revenues. 


With the pandemic striking all corners of the world in 2020, it’s not a surprise that many people have turned to some form of gambling. For those who enjoy gambling as a general hobby, online casinos have made it easier to stay at home during times of lockdown. 

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Gambling is a global multi-billion dollar industry. Due to technological advancement and the rise of online casinos, these gambling countries’ odds are definitely in their favour.

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