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Which Crypto Exchange Should I Use?

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Considering the unique needs of every crypto user, the question of which crypto exchange to settle for comes to mind? In this write-up, the cryptocurrency exchanges reviewed details of the recommended exchange online reputation, charges, number of cryptos listed and trust reposed by clients and any past issues.


What Kind of Exchange Do You Need?

There are three types of Cryptocurrency exchanges:

*Fiat Exchange
*Centralized Crypto Exchange or Altcoin Exchange
*Decentralized Crypto Exchange


Fiat Exchange

This is beginner-friendly, and this permits buying cryptocurrency with fiat money. Fiat money includes dollars, euros, pounds, etc. you could also use conventional payment methods like a credit card, bank account, cash.


Centralized Crypto Exchange or Altcoin Exchange

This doesn’t accept the normal conventional payment method like credit cards and banks. This works in a trade by barter method, you deposit cryptocurrency first and exchange it for other coins apart from Bitcoin.


Decentralized Crypto Exchange

This also works similarly as with the Altcoin Exchange, but it has a comparative advantage of increased security by not saving clients data on a central server. This makes it difficult to hack, decentralized exchanges are the most secure because they protect the user’s privacy.


The Difference Between Fiat, Centralized and Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

The difference between the exchanges can only be explained further by analyzing both Coinbase and Binance, Coinbase is an American platform used to buy cryptocurrency. Ripple(XRP) is one of the largest cryptocurrency but it is not on the Coinbase platform. Buying Ripple involves using the fiat exchange method on Coinbase to buy Bitcoin. After this, proceeding to the centralized kind of exchange by using Binance which is a pure cryptocurrency exchange. The three kinds of exchanges are intertwined and the fiat exchange is just the start.



Founded 7 years ago, Coinbase ranks as the largest BTC platform. It allows transactions with other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, 16 major cryptos, and many other coins. It is easy, fast and beginner-friendly. Its expanse reaches up to 30 countries. Over its 7 years of operation, it has gained trust among its clients by having an insurance policy that safeguards all in its possession. It also has a liquidity advantage. It synchronizes well with the fiat exchange method.



Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has the comparative advantage of the biggest volume as it accommodates lots of coins and low trading fees of 0.05%. It also boasts of an exclusive multilingual site that synchronizes with any kind of device. Binance can be used to convert Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum into nearly any Altcoin. It provides an easy switch between the coins at a good price as well, it accommodates both big and small crypto transactions.


In end

Normally, the buying stream starts at a fiat exchange and finishes at one of the crypto exchange types. Trading out goes in for cold hard currency the other way, starting at a crypto exchange and completing at a fiat Exchange. Remember that as the crypto environment develops, these connections may change as new decentralized exchange include more highlights, for example, fiat pairings.


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