Which is Better Casper or Endy?

Which is Better Casper or Endy?

An individual can work well if he has perfect sleeping habits and sources. Laying on something as hard as a stone or as soft as a feather can awaken many problems including back pain and stomach pain.

Everyone has a right to sleep well so they can perform everyday functioning with fresh and energetic body. The secret to a comfortable sleep is no more a secret anymore. Try buying a mattress which is suitable for you, then see the difference.

You will clearly see that you are waking up with fresh mind and body.But how to choose the right mattress for you? Let’s discuss the two of the highest-selling mattresses in the market and see what might be the best for you.

Some Features to Compare About Endy and Casper that Which is Best?

It’s a never-ending competition between the two mattresses, Endy vs Casper. Even if they both belong to different countries, with the former being Canadian and the latter of USA nationality, they both are always on the verge of some competitiveness.

These two have a lot of similarities between them but no two things can be 100% alike and this is exactly the case with Endy and Casper. Let’s discuss the different characteristics of these mattresses and conclude which one might be the best option for you.


With its firmness being 6, Endy Mattress has a normal firmness and that’s why it keeps your body perfectly aligned with it.  Casper Mattress has a firmness rate being around 7 on a scale of 1-10. If you’ve back pain and if you’re a back or stomach sleeper, Casper is ideal for you and if you like some soft, sinkable mattress, choose Endy.

Manufacturing Materials:

Endy Mattress is an all-foam mattress with three layers which is responsible for making the mattress softer. It features layers of memory foam and polyfoam. Whereas, Casper Mattress has three layers of foam which comprise memory foam and polyurethane foam. These are the features that make Casper more firm than Endy.


A California King size Endy Mattress costs a little over 800 USD while Casper Mattress costs more because of its firmness and better quality. The average rate for California King Casper Mattress is 1300 USD. The main reason for this difference in cost is because of the firmness and heaviness of Casper Mattress. 


Endy Mattress has great support for lightweight medium people. It’s a softer mattress that can make you sleep more comfortably and relaxed. If you like having some dip while sleeping, choose Endy.

Casper Mattress makes your spine perfectly aligned with it and this prevents back pains. Stomach sleepers are also advised to buy this mattress because Casper Mattress doesn’t get dipped and you don’t wake up like someone has punched you in the guts. It provides extra support to your back and shoulders because of its firmness and your whole bodyweight getting divided.


Both, Endy and Casper are cool mattresses but Endy is a bit more cooler than Casper. With their gel technology on upper layers, both of these mattresses tend to absorb body heat and gives you a little cooler effect for peaceful sleep.

Sleep Positions:

Every individual has a specific sleeping position in which he feels the most at ease. If you’re a combination sleeper who moves and turns a lot in his sleep, Endy is suitable for you. This mattress will give you a cooling effect and gives such sleepers comfortable firmness and support so they can sleep throughout the night without any problem. But if you’re a side sleeper or have a partner who moves a lot in his sleep, go for Casper Mattress. These are more firm than Endy and you sleep without any interruption even if someone moves beside you.


If you’re from Canada, then there’s no difficulty in buying Endy Mattress and shipping at your home. Endy Mattress hasn’t yet started shipping in other countries, so buying this mattress might not be possible for you if your residence isn’t in Canada. However, Casper Mattress is available for worldwide shipping from the USA.

Choose the best option for you. If Endy Mattress meets all your requirements and you’re a Canadian resident, choose it for a peaceful sleep. If Casper Mattress is the right option for you and you have no problem with its price, buy it and let it do its work. Always think thoroughly first and whichever seems good for you, pick it up and put it on your bed!

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