Which Tech is Going to Be in Demand this Christmas?

Which Tech Is Going to Be In Demand This Christmas?
The most sought after this Christmas?

It’s that magical time of year again, when the Christmas adverts start taking over. They now come leaking out from seemingly everywhere, invading your eyes and ears. Some will moan that it’s too early, but also a lot of people are excited to see them, and enjoy rating each one. The supermarket Tesco’s one for instance, has not gone down too well with a lot of people, whilst their rival Sainsbury’s reveals Christmas advert reminding families to savour time together.

Whether you’re a fan of the incessant adverts or not, it also signals the period when it’s a good idea to start buying those Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest. If you’re buying for any tech fans, then there’s a lot of great products out there that would make fantastic gifts. Or, more selfishly, that you could ask for yourself. Not surprisingly though, a lot of other people might have similar ideas, so here’s a quick rundown of what tech is going to be most in demand this festive season. Will you be lucky enough to unwrap one of them come the big day? 

Dell XPS 13 Laptop

This laptop will definitely be on many wish-lists this Christmas. The Dell XPS 13 is a marvellously designed computer that also has a processor that packs a powerful punch. It’s a great all-rounder laptop that would be perfect for someone who is at Uni, as it’s light enough that they’ll easily be able to cart it around in a bag. Despite the small stature though, and the screen only being 13.3”, the colours really pop off of it beautifully, due to the 4K quality. This allows for all streamed films and TV shows to look absolutely gorgeous, even on such a compact space.

There’s also 8 GB of memory and a decent enough graphics card, that it will allow users to casually game online. So, it’s all possible, whether they’re into battle royale games such as Apex Legends, building games like Minecraft, or even online gambling at sites like Vegas Slots Online. Make sure to check out the website yourself if you’re a gambling fan, as they have online casino reviews for UK players. Their number one concern is your safety, so they only give positive reviews to casinos that have a valid UKGC license, which allows you to play with peace of mind.

PlayStation 5

If there’s one piece of tech equipment that will most have Father Christmas frantically searching far and wide to try and track down, it will be the Sony PlayStation 5. The latest and greatest PlayStation games console was only released last year, but since then it has been seemingly near-impossible for people to get their hands on one. Shortages have affected consumers worldwide, and unfortunately, it seems it’s going to continue being the same this December.

The console itself is an astounding piece of technological hardware though, boasting an RDNA 2 GPU, that’s capable of delivering 4K resolution at an impeccable 120 frames per second. For the cinephiles, it also includes a UHD Blu-ray player built-in. The games that are exclusive for the PS5 showcase graphics previously unimaginable on a home console, and with lots more great releases forecast on the horizon, the future looks blindingly bright for those lucky enough to own one.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market with their latest release, the iPhone 13 Pro, and there’s no doubt that many millions worldwide will be hoping to wake up to it on Christmas morning. The phone possesses an array of souped-up features, that elevated its status from the baseline iPhone 13 and made it a massive hit with reviewers when it was released in October.

The phone comes equipped with a ProMotion screen, which runs at up to a 120HZ refresh rate, meaning it will scroll majestically, making running your finger along it an absolute dream. Plus, it plays any on-screen motion at a buttery smooth and even pace. The battery life is also seriously impressive for such a powerful phone, with it averaging over forty-eight hours, and that’s with screen use of around eight hours. If that’s not enough, the camera is a serious step up, allowing for photos and video to be taken that look almost professional in quality.

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