Which traits breed solid success among cyber security partners? – ARNnet

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Given today’s burgeoning threat landscape, the market should abound with rich pickings for partners flexing their cyber security muscle, but not all channel players are equal in what they can offer, with new research uncovering common traits that separate successful cyber security partners from the rest. 

According to industry analyst firm Canalys, there are at least eight common characteristics that successful cyber security partners claim, including running a dedicated cyber security practice, having a focus on managed services and demonstrating the ability to sell to senior leadership within client organisations. 

Another common trait uncovered by the research was the ability to offer a comprehensive suite of cyber security technologies.  

Endpoint and network security were the most common technologies sold by the channel, according to Canalys’ research, but leading cyber security partners had offerings spanning multiple areas, including identify management and cloud protection.  

Below is the full list of the eight common traits seen across the group of successful cyber security provider partners observed by Canalys: 


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