Why a Zero Trust philosophy is an evolution to secure enterprises – TechRadar

In an increasingly distributed world, cybersecurity (opens in new tab) remains critical. Yet the need to protect the enterprise is causing tension as workforces and the tools they need become increasingly decentralized. While few doubt the productivity (opens in new tab) and engagement benefits of empowering people to work as they choose, where they choose, with what they choose, business leaders are still struggling with the security (opens in new tab) implications.

New VMware research spells this out: 75% of IT decision makers agree that the sensitivity of their organization’s data (opens in new tab) has made it more cautious about decisions to embrace anywhere work long term, while 60% acknowledge that security risks have increased since employees started working remotely. Unsurprising, when one considers that 67% of employees (opens in new tab) have connected a personal device to their organization’s network or used one to handle their organization’s data or files.


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