Why Business Model Innovation is the Key for Modern Business Success?

Why Business Model Innovation is the Key for Modern Business Success?

In the last few decades, we have seen some rapid innovations in business. And this has been the primary force behind the terms and the ways business is done in this era. 

The instantaneous development of technology in each passing decade has helped improve modern business techniques and models. On the other hand, the rising competition in the global market has also made it possible to think differently and come up with unique ideas. 

Above all, the pandemic-stricken world has also changed the shape and form of business around the globe. New entrepreneurs are coming up with path-breaking business models which show substantial vigor in the future. 

Understanding Business Model Innovation 

A business model aims to give a clear idea of the strategy to make it work in the market, target consumers, and earn revenues against the expenses. The modern definition of a business model is how a business organization creates a product, delivers it to consumers, and makes a profit. 

And this is how a business model becomes the most crucial and integral part of any business. A well thought and innovative business model can turn a business literally from rags to riches. 

Through innovation, it is practical to offer an entirely new approach to formulate a different business model or alter the pre-existing one to generate more value. It is an approach through which the products and services become more available and acceptable to the consumers. One more beneficial aspect of an innovative business model is that it may help influence competition in the market to favor the concerned business.

A Few Examples of Innovative Business Models

Online Platforms

Online platforms have taken the central stage of contemporary innovations in business models with the rise of the internet and its users. Organizations that do not offer their services through the internet are lagging in this era. 

For instance, let’s consider the casino industry. Online casino games are widely accepted as they have a more comprehensive range of consumers worldwide. Casino games play online are widely acknowledged by players as they cannot always go to an offline casino to enjoy gambling. 

These types of organizations earn value from the commissions on transactions. 

Digital platforms successfully spread their business vigorously. UK-based sites like a can deliver more features and games for users. They also can provide more entertainment than offline ones since online gaming does not depend on place and time.


Freemium is something between free and premium. It is a strategy where a business organization provides a free version of its services for people to try. However, it comes with certain limitations. When the users get attracted and engaged with the services, it becomes easier to turn them into “premium consumers.” 

Especially for a business that has engaging products, high customer acquisition costs, and gross margins, this “freemium” technique can be a robust model. “Freemium” is crucial to showcase the pros of a firm’s products or services to the consumers in a highly competitive market. 

An example will clear the view of how a freemium works. Let’s consider Spotify. Spotify has millions of songs with high-quality audio for music lovers to enjoy around the globe. But the free version has its limitations, such as recurring advertisements while playing a song. Users can go ad-free and enjoy music without interruptions with the premium membership. 

D2C or Direct to Consumer 

One of the oldest business models, D2C, can never actually go old. D2C is still one of the most solid business models if dealt with perfection.

In this model, a business firm directly sells its products or services to consumers. 

The geographical limitations, which were the major concern of the D2C model, are gone with the rise of the internet. The D2C model can be highly fruitful for certain businesses as the costs of the intermediaries are nullified. Another practical side of this model is that the company directly connects with the consumers.  

There are ample examples of how companies with the D2C approach dominate the current market. Tesla is one of those examples. 

Sponsorships, Affiliates, and Advertisements

Advertising has changed its form and shape, but it has never lost its significance. 

Contents are on the all-time rise with the growth of the internet, the democratization of its creation, and the increased use of smartphones. 

However, using advertisements and sponsorships has become a bit tricky because of the enormous competition in the market. Attracting people’s attention with ads is difficult as the options are enormous. This is where innovation plays a crucial part. A firm must develop uniqueness in its products and advertisements to tempt the target customers.  


In the concluding note, it is apparent that the success of a business in recent times depends upon the continuous innovation in its business model. 

If a business generates the vital innovations at the right time, it becomes more accessible to its target consumers. Another precious aspect that innovation brings with itself is that it helps to lessen the burden of market competition temporarily. This is when an organization can cash in to create more value and dominance in the market. 

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