Using RDP Software

The most common problem that most technical industries know who is logged onto your system. You will need to have a full record on the user’s activity. You can do this to ensure that your team is safe, and no one is enacting malicious actions on your team’s infrastructure. 

Understanding RDP Software

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Software is software that’s integrated into an IT team’s computers so that they can work on a far off location. Even if you haven’t heard of RDP, then you might have used it before. 

RDP was first created by Microsoft by Windows, but as time progressed, other developers have created their equivalents. You might be trying to find a way how to use this software, so here are some features you should include when looking for record RDP session software. 

Session Recording

Record RDP sessions create a complete record of your user’s access to your system. Some software gives you an audit trail to discover what your users viewed on a secret, the time they logged off and what have they done to the system. 

Session Monitoring

Your employees need to be monitored when they are operating on your time. Doing allows you to see for potential threats and remove them immediately. While you could use traditional methods, using RDP will help you monitor their actions each time they log on your computers. 

So install a session monitoring system to keep your systems secure. Transparency is a key, so tell your employees that their sessions are recorded to gain their trust and prevent any suspicious behaviour. 

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Keystroke Logging

The keystrokes during your sessions are able to be recorded and can be quickly searched. The keystroke logging feature allows you to look for useful administrative commands such as SSH sessions, which will help your auditors to review. 

Why Should I Use RDP?

Besides being able to operate your computer off-site, RDP helps you get access to your employee’s computer. If one of your employees are trying to learn more about a particular task, instead of explaining via words, you can just help them via RDP.

Recording Your RDP Sessions

Now that you’ve understood the groundwork on record RDP sessions, do you know why you should record them? One reason to use RDP sessions is so you can stay on track on everything that’s said during a conference call.

Since some of your employees will have to be in tune during the conference call, RDP helps them have a presence while not saturating the call. If the employee is able to record everything that’s said, then they don’t have to commit to memory fully. 

RDP sessions are a great tool for business calls, where everything is said it is crucial. 


Security is important when running an organization. One slip up or data breach, and you’re losing thousands of dollars in losses. Through the use of record RDP sessions and programs, you’ll be able to save money and your valuable assets. So think about getting some RDP software to ensure that your company survives in the long haul. 


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