Why Covid-19 May or May Not Spell Trouble for the Fashion Industry

Why Covid-19 May or May Not Spell Trouble for the Fashion Industry

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the business world like a ton of bricks. However, some sectors have been hit more than others. Two of these are footwear and design apparel, both of which come under the non-essential category. After all, we can all survive an economic crisis when money is tight without new shoes or accessories. 

The UK fashion industry has been affected particularly hard by the outbreak of the pandemic. UK’s apparel sales have plummeted in the past year. In fact, the estimation is that spending in the sector has decreased by around 20.6 percent. 

And while things are slowly beginning to look brighter due to the vaccination programs being carried out around the world, the fashion industry is not out of the woods yet. The news is not all negative, however. Here are some more positive impacts of the pandemic on the global fashion industry according to the fashion guru Jaiden Sattlemeyer from

Growth of Digital Stores

While in-store purchases have decreased since the outbreak of the pandemic, online fashion stores have not suffered quite as much. According to a McKinsey survey, in North America and Europe, in-store purchase intention among consumers has declined by 70 to 80 percent, while this number has only been 30 to 40 percent for online purchases. 

Nevertheless, people need clothing. And with lockdowns and physical limitations, many have turned to online shopping. It is little wonder that many fashion brands have been focusing on upgrading their online store customer experience. 

Fashion Midseasons May be a Thing of the Past

Alessandro Michelle, the creative director of Gucci, is not a fan of fashion seasons. In fact, he has suggested that fashion shows be reduced from five to two every year. This would spell death for midseason fashion collections. But since the outbreak of the pandemic, Michelle’s idea has started making more and more sense. 

Fashion shows require a lot of people, which makes for huge gatherings, including seamstresses, designers, fashion industry leaders and journalists. And it goes without saying that putting a large number of people in the same space right now is not a great idea. 

Increased Awareness 

Traditionally, the fashion industry has been disconnected from everyday realities (just look at some of the styles on international runways). Covid-19 has shed light on how vulnerable we all are – that issues such as pollution, lack of resources and sweatshop labor can affect all of us, even if they are taking place on the other side of the world. 

One of the more noticeable trends linked to this has been the rise of sustainable fashion. Consumers who are aware of the problems associated with fast fashion are no longer prepared to spend their money on impractical clothing that will fall apart at the end of the season. They are demanding quality and sustainable materials because they want to not only look good but also feel good about the garments they are wearing.  

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