Why Does Customer Experience Fall Short in the UK

Why Does Customer Experience Fall Short in the UK

While this isn’t true for every UK company, the reality is that many businesses in the UK are falling short on customer service, compared to countries like the US. Knowing how they’re falling short should help UK companies step up a bit.

Ignoring Complaints

One reason why UK businesses are falling short is because they’re not addressing complaints. Every customer is not going to say something, but some do, and it’s important to pay attention. The worst type of communication is a complaint.

These folks may not return or may tell others not to trust your company. That’s a big deal, especially nowadays with social media, which amplifies the voice of one person. Finding an effective strategy to pay attention to complaints and act on them is a big deal. Sometimes, just apologizing is more than enough. If the complaints are similar, then changing things internally might be the best route to take.

Failing to Listen

It’s important to address complaints, but that’s not the only type of customer communication you should pay attention to. Regular feedback is important, too, for various reasons. Feedback can reveal all sorts of information if you know how to harness the data correctly, from helping you improve customer experience altogether to being able to highlight what’s working for the company and what isn’t.

A smart business will invest in good customer feedback software to get this type of data because it might reveal things, like the best sales process for the company. If customers like that you follow up with them or that you personalize their recommendations, you can use that information to improve things. You can train other employees to do the same to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Lack of Empathy

Other countries seem to be doing better with customer experience because the employees have been trained to go beyond finding a solution for customers. UK companies will address a customer’s needs, but they won’t go further than that. Other companies will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the customer leaves with a positive view of the company.

Maybe the employee offers an added service that’ll make the customer feel special. The added service could be personalized and different for each customer. Businesses need to train employees to empathize with each customer. They have to put themselves in their shoes and do things they would appreciate. Employees have to act like they’re doing more for each customer than another company would, even though what you’re doing is pretty standard.

Not Distributing Responsibilities

It seems that companies in other countries are willing to distribute responsibilities among employees. Many companies in the UK don’t allow low-level employees to handle things, especially complaints. Some companies do this because they believe only upper-level management can respond to unhappy customers. This isn’t the case. Employees can respond if employers are willing to trust them.

By trusting your employees, you empower them, and this should make them happier to work for your company. Do your best to give your low-level employees access to the tech they’ll need to respond to customers, even when they’re complaining. Doing this also opens up opportunities for employees within your company. Everyone wants to feel like they’re moving up. It motivates employees, and that’s great for productivity.

Lacking Transparency

Some UK companies are failing to be transparent. More customers worry about the company they’re doing business with. Today’s customers want to feel like they’re working with a company that’s a good corporate citizen. They want to feel like they can trust your brand and that your brand stands for something. To ensure that your customers feel this way, it’s important to be as transparent as possible.

This means offering things like product tracing so that customers know that your products are sourced ethically. Product tracing could be added to your app, which makes it even more valuable to users. The last thing you want is to create an app that is unused because it offers no real value. You can also mention that you’re paying your employees a fair wage. You can use social media platforms to communicate some of this information or through newsletters or email campaigns. The more your customers feel like you’re being honest with them, the happier they’ll be.

Hopefully, some of these tips help ensure that your UK business does a little better than some of the other companies in the UK. Just because customer experience isn’t so great in the UK, doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made.

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