Why DU sports quota could be a googly

New Delhi: With Covid-19 looming over the Delhi University admission process, selection under the sports category will be on the basis of certificates, not physical trials as usual. Also, unlike previous few years when colleges requested candidates for specific positions for team sports, this year the certificates will be verified centrally and students allotted to colleges according to the seats available. Some sports-in-charges feared this would prove problematic, such as if a batsman was allotted to a college that was looking to admit a fast bowler. The DU Sports Council, however, reasoned that in the absence of trials, position-specific selection wasn’t possible.

“Most of us are distraught by this opaque admission process,” raged a sports teacher. “What is needed is for sub-categories in sports disciplines to be mentioned and admissions based on those.”

MP Sharma, associate professor of physical education at Hansraj College, said, “In archery, there are different categories. We told the university that we needed three compound bow archers and two recurve archers. But DU said our vacancies for five archers would be filled. Now what if we get archers not fitting our requirement?” He was also unsure about how the applicants would be marked. “In shooting sports, there are different score systems for rifle and pistol disciplines. DU hasn’t clarified on these differences will be adjudicated,” he said.

Shikha Sharma, sports director, Ramanujan College, reiterated the confusion surrounding the selection process. “After asking us about our requirements, DU told us we didn’t have to anything more. The university itself will choose sports students and send them to us for admission,” said Sharma.

Pankaj Sinha, chairman of the DU Sports Council, reasoned that a candidate’s profile and speciality could be determined only by physical trials. Sinha asserted that the entire selection process had been explained on the university’s Bulletin of Information.

Why DU sports quota could be a googly


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