Why every day at Conservative conference is Johnson day

How Boris Johnson roused the Tory faithful in his keynote conference speech that pledged to tear up the UK’s economic model

This week we analyse this year’s Conservative party conference. First, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech: how credible was it? Can low-skilled immigration be simply replaced without a big inflation risk? Political editor George Parker and chief political commentator Robert Shrimsley analyse.

And then, we look at the other main theme of this year’s conference: levelling up. Did we gain any extra insight from Johnson and Michael Gove on what it means, how it can be delivered and what success looks like? Two special guests will explore: Rachel Wolf of Public First and Paul Swinney from the Centre for Cities think-tank.

Audio source: BBC

Produced by Howie Shannon. The sound engineers were Breen Turner and Sean McGarrity.

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