Why Games are Good for Business

Employee welfare has become increasingly popular in recent years. When businesses want to attract the best talent, they will inevitably compete with other businesses. Apart from remuneration, employers in Hungary have been offering private health insurance, a company phone or car and of course the popular Cafeteria, benefit-in-kind system. However, employers have a much cheaper and more fun additional benefit to offer, and it is games.

Playing games in the workplace have many benefits and it is a great way to make the 9 hours in the office go faster while achieving better work results. We asked Boross Örs, a gaming (especially poker) enthusiast, what are the advantages of letting employees play at the office and what sort of games he would recommend. To read more about Örs, please click here.

Why Games are Good for Business
Startup Business People Playing Table Tennis Together During Break Time

What are Good Games to Play in the Office?

●     It is easy to set up a Ping Pong table around the office, where employees could get a few minutes of action while improving their hand-eye coordination.

●     Gambling appeals to most people and there are plenty of games that can be played in an online casino. One of the best online casinos that are available to Hungarian players is ZetCasino. Giving the same amount of credit to each employee to play Poker or Roulette with and seeing who wins the most can boost a friendly competition.

●     Video games are another favourite of people of all ages and gender. It can be a great stress reducer when played alone or getting the adrenalin pumping when played against colleagues.

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●     There are plenty of fun business games out there that are basically Business simulation games. One of these is Virtonomics where players can select the industry and they have to follow strategies and make business decisions every day. This type of games would be beneficial to managers and other decision-makers of the company.

●     Poker works on logic and strategy, therefore improving cognitive skills. But it is also fun. Closing Friday afternoon with a poker competition and perhaps pizza will relax employees for the weekend.

What are the Benefits of Playing Games at the Workplace?

●     Employee motivation: It can break the monotony of the long working day when there is the 1 pm quiz to look forward to.

●     Reducing stress: A bit of high-speed action around the table-football can take employees’ minds off of difficult customers or tight deadlines.

●     Team building: Employees can get to know a completely different side of their colleagues when put into out of the ordinary situations, e.g. paintballing.

●     Encouraging teamwork: Games encourage everyone to participate, even the quiet ones.

●     Develops strategies: Card games that can entice people to come up with strategies in order to win.

●     Health benefits: Regular exercise strengthens the immune system resulting in less sick days.

●     Increasing tolerance: Everybody is different and there can be a lot of diversity at the workplace. Placing employees from different departments into the same team can teach them adaptability and tolerance.

●     Improving cognitive skills: Have you ever heard the phrase “thinking outside of the box”? Games are exactly that, especially if the work is very monotonous or does not pose challenges.

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●     Boosting morale: Allowing employees to play at the workplace gives the message that the employers care about them and want them to be dedicated to the workplace.

The above options can easily be played in the office environment. However, employers might consider taking staff members out for half a day or a full day of fun, so more serious team sports could be considered as well. An exciting option would be paintball (alternatively pain-free laser-tagging) or zip-wiring, but guys will always be happy with a soccer game as well.


Providing some playtime to employees is beneficial to their wellbeing, as well as their productivity and securing their dedication to the company. It is worth asking around in the office what games employees would appreciate and making them available. Be it a simple ping pong table or a strategic business game, the choice is almost unlimited. But if you don’t know where to start, you can just pick one of the options above.

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