Why iPhone users may not be happy with the next iPhone – Gadgets Now

Keeping aside speculations around what new features Apple might introduce in 2019 iPhones, it seems iPhone users might have a new reason to worry. Rumours have it that Apple might change the charging/data transfer cable in the 2019 iPhones along with the charging port, of course. Leaked images revealed that Apple might ditch the Lightning cable and port altogether and opt for a standard USB Type-C cable and port.

This move by Apple will not be surprising at all. This is because Apple has already introduced Type-C ports in its new range of MacBooks and Apple has been thinking about doing the same for quite some time in iPhones as well. Interestingly, if the new 2019 iPhones come with a Type-C port then you should be able to use standard Android phone Type-C cable to charge them. Also, you would be able to charge the 2019 iPhones with the Type-C charging cable of the MacBook.

While the idea of having a common charging cable and port for MacBooks, iPhones and Android phones sound comforting, it will definitely not make older iPhone users happy. This is because if the Lightning port is gone then the older charging cable, the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, older EarPods and other accessories will become useless for the new 2019 iPhones. Or alternatively, you will have to buy a new Type-C to Lightning adapter to make older accessories work.

Having said that in order to make life easier for MacBook users, Apple is also considering the option to ship the new 2019 iPhones with a Lightning to Type-C cable for charging and data transfer needs. Unless you use an adapter, there is no native option to charge the iPhone with the new range of MacBooks.


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