Why is it Important to Use a Good Marketing Mix?

Why is It Important to Use a Good Marketing Mix?

Ideally, a good marketing mix should be composed of some combination of some of the following components: strong branding and/or trademark, good product or service, excellent service or product, and above all else, an exceptional or irreplaceable value proposition. Sounds simple, right? Actually, it isn’t. Even if your marketing efforts are limited to building an online presence using services like SocialGreg to buy YouTube views , you will need to put a lot of thought and effort into your marketing mix. 

In reality, this is not as easy as it sounds. It is much more difficult than simply choosing a color scheme. As a result, companies often end up with a “bad” marketing mix that simply doesn’t deliver the benefits they promised in the first place. This results in wasted resources and a diminished return on investment.

Building Your Brand and it’s Reputation

For businesses that want to truly benefit from the Internet, it is critical that they build a strong reputation and, in particular, a brand. A good brand is unique, consistent, and credible. It represents the values, goals, and practices of the business, and it is, most importantly, a promise of future success.

If you don’t have a brand, or if your brand is weak and generic, then no one will recognize or trust you. No one will know what you stand for or what you offer. Therefore, ideally, a good marketing mix should make at least some effort to build a good brand reputation. If that effort is not undertaken, then the company is wasting its time and its budget. Branding is so widespread and popular nowadays that many consider exchanging links another form of marketing. You can use strong brands to develop your own by piggybacking on their success. 

Consistency is Key

A marketing mix should also focus on creating a sense of consistency within the website. Ideally, websites should offer the same information, the same value, and the same manner of communications to each visitor. Therefore, if one site offers the same price for the same item, people won’t be confused about whether to visit the site or visit another. Similarly, the same product offered by different sites is equally attractive, and people should be able to get the best from all of them. If they can’t do that, no visitor will spend his or her money on your business.

Features of the Ideal Marketing Mix

Ideally, a good marketing mix should make customers understand that they are important. People come to the InternetInternet to look for answers to their questions, for entertainment, for news, for education, and for any other purpose. Your website should be an answer to all of those needs, with clear, concise content, clearly explained prices, and valid offers. If it’s confusing to navigate, no visitor is likely to stick around long enough to make a purchase. If the content on your site isn’t relevant to what people are looking for, they will just click off to another business that does provide what they want.

A marketing mix should be able to convince customers that the business is worth doing business with. Customers who think the business is worth doing business with will generally be more inclined to spend money with the business than customers who don’t feel that way. That’s why the return on investment is so important in online marketing. There really isn’t a single ideal customer profile on the web, so if you want to get the most out of SEO and PPC, you have to find a way to target customers who are potentially interested in what your business has to offer. It’s best to do this by focusing on people who would potentially be your most loyal customers.

Additionally, the mix should also appeal to a variety of people. For example, people who are highly specific about what they need from your business may not be as willing to spend money with your business. That’s why it’s important to have a diverse range of customers when working with an SEO or PPC firm. By targeting businesses with different needs, you’ll be more likely to get traffic that’s effective. This is how you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of SEO and PPC services.

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