Why It Helps To Stay At Home

Why It Helps To Stay At Home

Various experts and government officials have implemented community quarantine in their respective countries in order to lower the spread of the notorious COVID-19 virus. The pandemic has made its mark in world history thanks to its rapid spread and frightening effects to us humans.

Because of one virus, we have seen various changes in our lifestyle and culture. The negative impact has brought forth many challenges to us in health, work, business, education, and entertainment. But we must not allow ourselves to be defeated physically and mentally by this virus so various medical professionals and researchers are doing their best to develop the vaccine for this. It takes time though so as support, we have to comply and stay at home.

It’s not the ideal heroic thing to do nor is it the most glorious but it has to be done. Unless employed as an essential worker, staying and working at home is the best solution to avoid catching it and possibly spreading it further. The enemy is invisible and that is a fact. Countless COVID survivors have already brought forth testament to the reality of this enemy. Leave skepticism aside for a while and simply hope for the success of a vaccine.

It helps to stay at home because we are not contributing more to the workload of hospital workers. It helps to stay at home because we are not possibly harming another human who may be a family breadwinner or a key person to the development of the vaccine. It helps to stay at home because we are subconsciously educating the young minds in our home to be socially mindful and care as well. It helps to stay at home because we are setting a good example to everyone else and their skeptic mind might actually change.

So relax in your plain clothes and value your home environment for the time being. It’s going to get busy and noisy again once the vaccine is here anyway. It would be nice though if everyone would continue wearing masks whenever they have a regular cough or cold after this pandemic, don’t you think? It could be like the good effect/etiquette from this pandemic once it’s over.

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