Why LinkGraph is Your Top Choice for Technical SEO

Why LinkGraph Is Your Top Choice for Technical SEO

Once, businesses were limited by geographic proximity. Today, the internet enables companies to reach a global audience.

Although businesses can expand their clientele through online promotion and sales, businesses must compete with other companies from around the globe. The number of websites has grown from 10 in 1992 to over 1.8 billion as of 2021. Consequently, businesses must implement effective promotional strategies to reach their target audience online. Using technical search engine optimization (SEO) tactics is one way to raise your website’s profile. Let’s look at the technical SEO services LinkGraph offers and other SEO strategies they can use to increase your site’s domain authority (DA) score.

What is Technical SEO?

SEO tactics are steps you can take to improve your website’s DA score. Your site’s DA score determines where your site appears in relevant online searches. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, gather information about websites and use this data to assign a DA score. Sites with effective SEO features receive higher DA scores, while sites without those features receive lower DA scores.

Consequently, your SEO strategy impacts your ability to increase site traffic. Since most people visit sites listed on the first page of search engine results, boosting your site’s DA score is an essential part of any effective digital marketing strategy.

Search engines dispatch bots that gather data used to rank websites. Your technical SEO agency takes steps to ensure these bots will produce a favorable report about your website’s features. The technical SEO specialists at LinkGraph will ensure your site’s easy to navigate because bots favor sites with accessible menus enabling them to move from page to page quickly. Bots also evaluate the site’s loading time, which is why technical SEO agencies optimize site content to improve loading speeds. This could mean resizing or compressing photos so they load quickly. LinkGraph’s team will also ensure each page has a uniform resource locator (URL) containing suitable keywords.

What Other SEO Strategies Does LinkGraph Offer?

You can supplement your technical SEO strategy by investing in on-page SEO. Adding meta descriptions is an on-page SEO tactic that strengthens your DA score. Another on-page tactic involves adding site content containing relevant keywords. The bots evaluating your site connect your site to keywords your site features, ensuring your site’s listed in relevant web searches.

You might think appearing in any search results is beneficial, but you must prioritize appearing in relevant searches. Suppose your company sells dog clothes. If someone who’s looking for automotive parts lands on your website, they’ll likely leave immediately without engaging with your site’s content. This increases your site’s bounce rate. Bots gather bounce rate data, and a high bounce rate lowers your DA score. Since sites using relevant keywords are more likely to attract clientele interested in their products who’ll engage with the site content, these sites reduce their bounce rate while driving organic traffic to their site, boosting their DA score and sales.

Link-building services are a vital part of any comprehensive SEO plan. Link building involves creating off-site content with links leading to your website. Contributing blog posts to reputable industry blogs is a great way to generate inbound links because you can include a link to your website in your bio. SEO agencies can also produce relevant articles with links to your website and place those articles on sites with solid DA scores.

Your SEO agency can also evaluate your existing backlinks and remove harmful links. Links from spam sites or sites with low DA scores can lower your own site’s DA score. Your SEO team will ask those sites to remove harmful links or use the Google disavow tool to prevent those links from harming your DA score.

LinkGraph’s technical SEO team will optimize your website, ensuring your site receives a high DA score. LinkGraph also offers other SEO services, including on-page SEO and link-building services.

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