Why Must You Opt for Chian Road Roller?

Why must you opt for Chian Road Roller?

A road roller is used to compact soil, concrete, gravel, or asphalt to construct foundations and roads. The rolling procedure makes sure that foundations are compacted thoroughly, and the materials are compact and do not come loose. There are different parts in the road roller such as diesel engines, a canopy to protect the driver, a drum which can be a smooth vibratory drum or a static smooth drum, a compaction meter and tires.

A road roller or compactor is an engineering vehicle that compacts the soil, gravel, concrete, asphalt, or other materials in road construction, airport or port foundation work, landfills, or agriculture. As a result, many types of road rollers are manufactured to satisfy the needs of various projects.

Single drum rollers, tandem rollers, and pneumatic tyred-rollers are among the three types of road rollers. Even when working in the most difficult conditions, fine manufacture, years of research and development, and rigorous tests ensure that each roller is defect-free.

Rollers with a Single Drum

The single drum roller is vibratory with two wheels in the back and a huge steel drum in front. Single drum rollers are offered in various working weights ranging from 10 to 16 tonnes, with drum diameters ranging from 1.5 to 1.7 metres and widths ranging from 2.13 to 2.17 metres. The self-propelled vibratory drum has a higher excitation force, which improves road compaction efficiency and productivity.

Rollers in Pairs

The tandem roller comprises a huge drum in front and a vibrating drum in the back, with a weight range of 3 to 13 tonnes. The tandem rollers' weight is certainly increased by two heavy drums, but the rear drum also helps to compact the road surface as the front drum passes over it. The vibratory bearings of the tandem rollers are lubricated with water wheel type lubricant, and the plastic-coated water tanks may feed water continually to prevent asphalt from sticking to the drums during compaction.

Rollers with Pneumatic Tyres

The pneumatic tyred roller, also known as a rubber tyred roller, is a huge truck with four rows of closely spaced tyres commonly used to crush asphalt roads and cement stabilized bases. The maximum operational weight of the pneumatic tyred roller varies from 20 to 30 tonnes, with ground pressure adjustable from 200 to 540 kPa, considerably improving the evenness and smoothness of the road surface.

Rollers began as basic stone cylinders pushed by people to smooth the land and eventually evolved into big stone cylinders or timber planks pulled by animals. The primary function of a road roller is to apply direct pressure on loose materials to crush, knead, or vibrate them. They’re most commonly employed for road building or to build large-scale foundations.

The sturdiness of Roller compacted concrete pavements eliminates some ordinary issues. 

Pros of using Roller Compacted Concrete are:

  • Brisk placement.
  • Shorter haul distance.
  • Small construction crew.
  • It can resistance lofty temperatures.
  • Heat isn’t evolved during the dehydrating of concrete.
  • In this roller-compacted concrete rebar isn’t required.
  • Roller compacted concrete requires the minutest nurture.
  • Roller compacted concrete requires minimal maintenance.
  • Roller compacted concrete is resistant to shoving & pushing.
  • Roller compacted concrete brings forth substantial durability.
  • Will not be affected by oil spills, fuels, and hydraulic juices.
  • It may be used as a roadway after only 24 hours of being placed.
  • This roller compacted concrete is gobbling less time for construction.
  • This roller compacted concrete is cost-effective and has brisk construction.
  • Roller compacted concrete doesn’t buckle under ponderous concentric loads.
  • Also, it reduces cement consumption as lissom concrete blends are also used.
  • Also, it reduces cement consumption as concrete blends are routinely utilized.
  • The cost of formwork is diminished or eradicated due to the layer placement method.
  • There is not any concern about the discharge of high heat during the drying of concrete.
  • Roller compacted concrete has a plain surface, and no pits & holes are contemporary in it.
  • Roller compacted concrete surface is smooth & plain, and there are also no potholes present.
  • Roller compacted concrete doesn’t crumble under ponderous concentric loads, i.e., can withstand massive loads.
  • Transportation costs, placement, and compaction of concrete are minimized. As a result, the concrete is handled by dump vehicles, sprinkled by the bulldozers, and squeezed by vibration rollers.


These are some of the pros of opting for Chian Road Roller. This is the reason why you must opt for these road rollers so that you can provide the best service to your clients. These road rollers will help you in saving money and placing concrete the right way. You can also place it on plain surfaces and fill all the potholes. You can buy the best road rollers by visiting the official website of Radgeer. 

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