Why Personalised Number Plates are the Best Gift in 2020

Why Personalised Number Plates Are The Best Gift In 2020

The holiday season is here, and many of us are struggling to find the perfect gift for our loved ones.

Every year we battle with the limitations of the high street as we try to find the most unique gift for our loved ones. 

We all know that it is the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving, which is why finding something perfect is so important. You want to be able to show how much you love the people in your life by bringing them the perfect present this holiday season.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to someone special, then personalised number plates are the way to go in 2020. 

A Gift with a Difference

Number plates, which detail car registrations and the information necessary to keep vehicles on the road, might not seem like the most glamourous gift idea at first. 

However, thanks to Swiftreg, it has never been easier to buy or sell customised number plates, whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one.

Creating your own number plates is such a fun activity and can truly make your vehicle stand out. 

Never again will you lose your car where you parked it, as a personalised car registrations will be instantly recognisable! 

This holiday season, why not gift your loved ones something truly unique with a personalised car registration from Swiftreg? 

You can choose from a range of private, personalised car registrations that are DVLA approved to give to a loved one or create your own. 

Their website has a great range of existing DVLA registered number plates to choose from, and they are a great source to buy a number plate from that represents your personal identity.

How Does it Work?

Swiftreg is renowned for its simple shopping experience, which is why they are such a great option for holiday shopping.

You can create and buy a personalised car registration easily on this website. 

When you make your own registration, you have ownership over this title for 10 years.

It is possible to extend this 10 year period for a fee through the DVLA, and if you are looking to make an investment for your own vehicle, this is a good option.

Once you have created your own personalised registration plate, it needs to be assigned by the DVLA on request so it can be displayed on your vehicle.

If you are creating your own car registrations, Swiftreg can help with this assignment process through their website. 

All of the number plates and car registrations that are bought through Swiftreg are approved by the DVLA and ready to use.

Finding the Perfect Car Registration

Swift Registration has a vast catalogue of car registrations that you can order directly from online. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one in your life, who owns their own vehicle, or want to treat yourself this holiday season, there is going to be something for everyone.

The catalogue of car registration plates at Swiftreg is a combination of stock from the DVLA, private number plate dealers that are vetted by the website, and their own stock of unique registrations.

The stock on this website is updated regularly to ensure there is something available to register for everyone.

They are over 50 million DVLA cherished number plates and car registrations up for offer on the Swiftreg catalogue, so if you cannot come up with your own, there is still something unique out there for you to invest in.

Who Can Use a Private Number Plate?

While a private number plate or personalised car registrations are a great gift idea, it is important that you know who can use them.

According to Swiftreg, private car registrations can be purchased and used on DVLA registered vehicles. 

As long as you or your loved one owns a DVLA registered vehicle, you can add a personalised number plate to the vehicle to make sure they stand out.

Why Have Personalised Number Plates?

There are many reasons why you might want to have a personalised number plate on your vehicle.

Having a unique number plate is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and as they are personalised, there is no risk of anyone having the same.

Unique car plates can be given as a gift during the holiday season or used to mark significant milestones.

Many people choose to personalise their vehicles with a cherished number plate.

You can use your number plate to display almost anything you choose. The most common use of a personalised number plate is listing your name, with many choosing to highlight their first or last names using the series of numbers and letters.

Other options include using number plates to mark a milestone, such as an anniversary or birthday, or to list hobbies, interests, favourite numbers, vehicle model or even your occupation.

There are many options when it comes to personalised car registrations, and Swiftreg makes it easy to purchase a verified option for a DVLA registered vehicle.

Use Swift Registration for Peace of Mind

Swift Registration is one of the best retailers of car registrations.

This is an online shopping company that allows you to choose a personalised number plate or register one you have already created.

Swiftreg is a registered number plate supplier who ensures that you are buying through a reputable vendor. Whether you are shopping for yourself or as a gift, you can rest assured that these car registrations are DVLA approved and are suitable for use on the road.

As well as providing the number plates, Swift Registration can also supply MOT and road legal acrylic plates with your purchase, so everything is covered at once.

Shopping online comes with some risks, none of which need to be a concern when shopping through Swiftreg. This is because they use secure and protected payment options that allow for a swift transaction online. 

You can purchase number plates from anywhere in the UK without concern for safety as each purchase is security protected.

Buying and selling are not the only things that Swiftreg can help you with, however, as they have an amazing support team on hand.

Swift Registration not only provide personalised car registrations but they also help you with the transfer. Their staff are always on hand to help with transactions and support during the registration process.

Support Every Step of the Way

There is more to it than simply buying a personalised car plate before this new registration is yours, and you will be supported by Swift Registration every step of the way.

Their support team can help you register your new number plate and can offer the necessary paperwork to be delivered with your purchase.

Once you have purchased a cherished number plate, it is legally yours for 10 years. 

Before it can be used on your vehicle, it needs to be approved by the DVLA, which can take a couple of weeks to process.

Swift Registration can provide you with the support needed during this time.

Their unique car registrations are a brilliant all-in-package to gift to someone this holiday season!

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