Why Myspoco is the Only SEO Service You Need

Why SPOCO is the Only SEO Service You Need

Organic search is arguably the most important revenue-driving marketing channels that is part of our everyday life. There are not many other forms of marketing with such an enticing ROI rate and little initial investment. The main advantage with social media ads and PPC is that you can get fast results and gain traffic quickly. However, you are likely to pay a high price for this convenience and running PPC campaigns for a long period of time is going to cost you.

Unlike pay-per-click marketing, SEO is an ongoing process that pushes your web pages higher up search engines. 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, with over 53% of all web traffic coming from organic search. These figures make it impossible to deny the effectiveness of SEO and its ability to drive traffic and revenue. However, despite all of these organic searches, it is easier said than done to get these clicks pointed at your website. Many companies will hire in-house SEO staff, work with an agency or freelancers. Small business owners often chance their hand at implementing their own SEO protocols or just ignore organic search all together. SEO can be difficult to learn yourself and working with a third party may be expensive. Agencies and freelancers often sell you the world and underdeliver. When asking an agency how long it will take to rank for a keyword or how much traffic they can expect from said rankings, you’ll be met with the classic line “it depends”.

Luckily for business owners, there’s now a solution that makes SEO and obtaining higher organic rankings easier to obtain..

The Best Option for Your SEO

SPOCO is a service tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor search engine algorithm signals, making it easy for their team to rank websites. To avoid boring you, here is a quick explanation on how it all works. First you input your website details and select which plan that you want to order, this will depend on your budget, keyword difficulty and how fast you want to rank. Plans start from only $200 per month and there are also tailored options for larger companies looking for a wide-scale SEO partner.

Once you’ve selected your plan, you will be introduced to your account manager who will be responsible for extracting data from the SPOCO Ai-platform and growing your website using the suggestions that the tool presents. Their backend allows you to check your rankings in real time to ensure you are happy with the pace that the organic rankings are happening. SPOCO account managers are SEO experts and do not try to upsell plans, they have a technical role and only have interest in growing your site’s organic reach.

The main benefit of SPOCO is that rankings are guaranteed and you are not tied into lengthy contracts that don’t bring any return. You have the option to work with the Ai-based company on a monthly or annual term. There’s a reason why some of the most popular companies in the world are choosing SPOCO and their results are hard to deny. For agencies and freelancers, you may be interested in their white-label services, so you can outsource the leg-work to their Ai-platform and SEO experts whilst keeping your own clients happy.

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