Top Reasons for Studying Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in College

Why to Take a Cryptocurrency Course at College

Since the invention of Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology opportunities and the concept of transferring fiat into cryptocurrencies have turned into the most debated topics in the financial and data protection world. It has become popular not only in the IT industry and software development, but it is relevant for any market that strives to receive transparency, safety and data protection (this is especially valuable with the increasing number of cyberattacks). Investing in Blockchain and crypto now, you take care of your future, as this technology is not likely to disappear within a few years. This is the main reason why students show their interest in studying these disciplines in college.

The Importance of Blockchain in the School Curriculum 

Even with the huge workload received in college, many students are ready to sacrifice their time in favor of Blockchain-related courses as they quickly understood what opportunities it offers for different areas of business. Now when you can delegate the most part of your assignments (see reviews for more details about one of such services), you have a great opportunity to join the number of lucky ones who have already started discovering Blockchain. 

The demand for more Blockchain information has become the main reason for introducing crypto courses, which have quickly gained popularity. First, they were available only online (like many other educational services, for example, essaypro writing agency), and then they were offered by a number of US universities, including Stanford and universities in New York and California. However, many people are still debating whether Blockchain should be included in the curriculum. 

With the constantly changing world, ongoing processes of digitalization, and technological evolvement, educational institutions need to adapt to the updates in academic programs quickly. The young generation quickly absorbs any offered innovations as it happened with VR that made the educational process more effective and created many opportunities for studying. Now effective academic programs should focus on teaching students the basics of programming, app development, testing, and designing to make them ready for the modern job market. Today this range also includes Blockchain as 17 in 20 job offers in the IT industry includes the word crypto. 

With the only growing demand for Blockchain specialists, there is no wonder that Computer Science departments in colleges introduced Blockchain courses in their curricula. They include Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, MIT and a number of other universities and offer such courses as:

1. Innovation and Crypto

Developed by Duke University, this course highlights the disruptive effect of technologies and their possible applications in different industries. The key focus is the Bitcoin ecosystem;

2. Bitcoin and Crypto

The course is available for Princeton students and describes the stability problems and security aspects in the cryptocurrency market;

3. Trading Heroes

That is a perfect guide for such niche as Forex and stock market as it considers cryptocurrencies a great option to train your trading skills;

4. Blockchain for Business

This course is focused on one of the Blockchain technologies – Hyperledger – and explains the possible use cases of Blockchain solutions in business;

5. Understanding Blockchain

The complete course provided on the Udemy platform is the so-called «Blockchain for noobies» which explains the very basic concepts;

6. Blockchain for Technicians

This one will be especially useful for analysts, decision-makers, and technical executives to understand how the technology works, what is DAO, smart contracts, and Ethereum, etc.

Blockchain is not just a short-run trend, and integrating it into the school curriculum only proves it.

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