Why We can Create Any Object We can Imagine Today

Why We can Create Any Object We can Imagine Today

There is no limit to imagination. However, from mind to reality, there are elements that can prevent the translation from one to the other. One of the most important one is technology, or more precisely the lack there of. Something happened a few years ago that changed this situation. It is called additive manufacturing and it made reproducing what we have in mind, much easier. Here is more on how it is changing the world, in various industries.

3D Printing

Most people have heard about additive manufacturing, but through a different name, which is 3D printing. In this case, the print is being made through the use of metal, instead of plastic. There are various additive manufacturing solutions, but they all imply a source of energy melting metal, and placing one layer over another, until an object is fully created. When it came into the industry, the goal was to save time and money, by creating samples in a much simpler and rapid form. However, industrialists came to realize its full potential, which is that it can basically create anything we may think about. All we have to do is design it and enter it into the machine, through a CAD software. Then it does the work all by itself. Here are a few examples of how it is used, in different fields.

The Medical Industry

It is certainly one of the industries that have benefited the most from additive manufacturing. Thanks to it, we can now create perfectly adapted prosthetic for each individual needing one, instead of making standards for all. Before, if customization needed to be produced, it would have taken time and a lot more money. Now, hospitals and large clinics are incorporating the machines inside their location, to cater to their patients needs, more rapidly. In 1999, a human liver was made, using 3D printing, which shows that there is no limit to what it will do next to help save lives.

The Transport Industry

The biggest difference that additive manufacturing made in the transport industry, can be seen in R&D of main manufacturers in the field. That is because they can now make lots of tests on new designs and ideas that they have, in-house. In fact, most of them have acquired an additive manufacturing machine, that lets them do as many samples as needed, to find new opportunities for their brand and offer innovative products to the public. It is particularly helping in the search for new equipment that will be lighter and more resistant.

The Architecture World

It is certainly the best-known use of 3D Printing. As soon as the technology had made its proof, many started building houses, using this method. But nowadays, architecture firms tend to use the technology to build small models that they can use for tests, or to sell their projects to customers. The advantage that the sector had, over others, was they were already familiar with the CAD software being used to insert the information into the additive manufacturing machines, since they were already using it before, for different purposes. 

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