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Experts are calling on members of public to appreciate technology in their security needs.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have sent workers to work from home, hence less physical presence in offices, factories and business premises.

SGA Security Group chairman and CEO Julius Delahaije says the general public and companies require more surveillance in the current setting, where many people have lost jobs and may be tempted to engage in crime to put food on the table.

“With most people working from home, you can monitor any burglary or threats with CCTVs and applications on your mobile phone. Even if you are on the move, wherever you are, you can check what is happening at your premises or your home,” he says.

He says companies can instal complex systems like access controls, fingerprints and face recognition to control access of the premises.

“The system can help without you having to be present. You could organise in a way that the system can recognise someone being an authorised person or unauthorised. Cameras could pick colours of clothes and seating positions with programming and deal with the situation,” he says.

“Location doesn’t matter anymore as long you have connectivity. Coronavirus is helping us understand that you don’t have to be physically present to tackle things.”

Delahaije oversees a workforce of about 20,000 people, with more than 5,000 in Kenya.

The company employs technology in its cash transit services, where the locks of the vehicles carrying cash are remotely opened.

He says residences and small businesses can invest in a good alarm system, CCTV cameras and moving sensors as part of extra security features.

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“Intelligence is changing the security environment. Prevention is better than cure, so we are trying to up our game.”

“Our guards have been trained and are up-to-date with the coronavirus regulations so they are alert to the situation always,” he says.

“Security adherence is about feeling safe, not only on security but also from a health perspective.”

Delahaije says there is more demand for close protection, escorting services and training services for clients’ staff in the wake of the pandemic.

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