Why You Need To Choose the Right Denomination

Why You Need To Choose the Right Denomination

Different slot machines have different denominations. You’ll find one-armed bandits that allow you to bet anywhere between 1 to 5 coins per spin. At the same time there those that require you to wager 100 coins or higher. In modern casinos, however, most slot machines accept multiple denominations. Although the higher denomination machines usually offer better payout ratios, it’s imperative to pick a denomination that can be supported by your bankroll.

Don’t ever move to a higher denomination simply because it features a higher payout ratio. For instance, if you’re paying a 1-dollar machine with a 95percent payout ratio, it isn’t worth it switching to a 5-dollar machine with a 96 percent RTP. If you feel that your bankroll can’t sustain gambling a higher denomination, you should stay away from doing it. Whatever denomination you pick, it’s always advisable to stake the maximum amount allowed.

Bet Size

When playing at slot machines, it’s always important to bet the maximum amount. This will ensure that both the amount you gamble and the winnings you achieve grow larger. For instance, if you’ve picked a $1 denomination and the slot allows a maximum of 5 coins, then, essentially, you’re wagering $5 per spin. So, keep that in mind when choosing a machine. 

When played with maximum coins, progressive machines usually pay the full, massive jackpots. There are also some machines that don’t offer proportional jackpots. If the jackpot amounts to 1,000 coins when played with a single coin, one will supposedly expect that a 2-coin bet will attract a payout of 2,000 coins. However, certain machines will pay more- and in the same example, they could pay 3,000 coins. That’s why it’s always important to study the payout table before you start playing a slot machine.

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No Penalty Slots

Higher-coin machines are typically designed to offer better odds and it’s always advisable to bet the maximum coin size. But of course, there are some machines that won’t penalize you for playing a lower number of credits

For instance, certain machines will pay a proportional amount for each coin added, which implies that they don’t reward players for wagering more credits per spin. The best way to utilize this is to move to a higher denomination. If you’re currently a 25-cent player, you can easily switch to a $1machine during a single-coin play and it won’t exert so much pressure on your bankroll. Plus, this will significantly improve your return rate.

Playing a 25-cent slot machine at maximum credits means that you’re already betting over 1 dollar per spin, but moving to a higher denomination offers an incredible way to boost your odds.

Final Thoughts

Not all machines feature the same denominations. And not all of them offer the same maximum coin size. So, be sure to do your research and find the one that you’re comfortable with. To get the highest rewards, it’s always advisable to play the maximum bet allowed. Plus, doing this will improve your chances of hitting the biggest jackpots at

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