Why You Need to Make Website Maintenance Checks a Priority

Why You Need to Make Website Maintenance Checks a Priority

The pandemic has created conditions for ecommerce businesses to thrive. Society is doing more online shopping than ever before, while many people are taking the opportunity to set up side hustles or even switch careers. However your ecommerce website came to be, regular maintenance is essential for making sure it’s working as it should.

After all, you would be put off entering a shop if its windows were messy and you’d likely turn around and leave if you found the layout confusing or certain pathways blocked off. Even more important, your ecommerce website isn’t just one branch – it’s the face of your business, 24/7.  

Elements such as site speed, integrations and content need regular checks and updates to keep them performing at their best. Whether your site is a day old or several years, take a read of five reasons why you should make website maintenance a priority.

It Ensures a Good User Experience

The most important part of any business is its customers, so it pays to keep them happy! Your website should be easy to find, present the information people want, and make it easy to get in touch or buy a product or service.

Keep ahead of web design trends and make sure your website is built to match them. For example, is it optimised for mobile? Does it load quickly?

It Keeps Search Engines Happy

Having visibility on search engines such as Google can make or break any ecommerce business, so you’ll want to keep in their good books in order to rank well.

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Search engines aim to reward websites that provide positive experiences and are well maintained. Google’s recent Core Web Vitals update further stresses the importance of checking for issues that might be harming speed, usability or stability.

It Improves Security

Security is a major concern for all ecommerce websites. Carrying out regular updates to your CMS or plug-ins helps to protect your business and customers from opportunistic hackers.  

Websites running on older platforms such as Magento 1 are especially vulnerable, so pay attention to updates and seek advice from professionals.    

It Reflects the Quality of Your Business

Was your website something of an afterthought? No matter how good your product or branding is, having a broken or poor-quality website will negatively impact how people view your business.

Customer patience is especially limited online, and regular checks and fixes could be the difference between a customer bouncing or sticking around.

It Saves Money in the Long Run

Website maintenance may seem like yet another expense or use of resource – but neglecting it could have a far bigger impact on your bottom line through lost custom.

Spending regular time on site issues will also prolong the lifespan of your current iteration and put off a potentially more expensive and more time-consuming rebuild.

Do you give your website the attention it deserves?

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