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Why You Should Invest in Off-plan Properties of Emaar Beachfront

Why You Should Invest in Off-plan Properties of Emaar Beachfront

The people who are interested in investing in off-plan properties of Dubai usually go for Emaar properties because Emaar is the top-rated developer in UAE. When it comes to the real estate industry, the name and popularity of Emaar is unbeatable. Emaar has earned a credible reputation in the property business and set very high standards with it’s creative innovation.

Currently, this is the best time to invest in Dubai real estate property because of three reasons: wide variety of properties in stock, flexible investment policy by UAE government and affordable property costs due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, the biggest and unrivaled advantage of investing in Dubai property is zero income tax policy.

If you are convinced to invest in Emaar off-plan properties, look no further. The best Emaar investment you can make is Emaar Beachfront. This is the latest project by Emaar Properties. If you are unaware of this new development, read the guide and description of Emaar Beachfront below.

Emaar Beachfront

This is the most anticipated off-plan property project by Emaar in Dubai. It consists of a master development in the Dubai Harbor. There are numerous off-plan ventures in the Emaar Beachfront such as 1 to 4 bedroom apartments. Potential investors and buyers are very excited about this future Emaar project. Emaar Beachfront is situated near the Dubai International Airport and the beautiful beach. If you want to live beside the sea, then you should definitely invest in any of the following sub-communities by Emaar Beachfront.

1. Grand Bleu Tower by Elie Saab

This tower is ideal for anyone wanting a beach side investment in Dubai giving lots of profit. The Grand Bleu Tower displays 1 to 3 bedroom units and 4 bedroom penthouses.

2. Emaar Beach Vista

This sub-community offers a stunning array of 1 to 4 bedroom off-plan apartments. Emaar Beach Vista gives an alluring view of the Dubai Marina and Arabian Gulf. It is situated near Dubai Marina, Yacht Club, Dubai International Airport, JBR, Downtown Dubai and The Palm. Sunrise Bay and Marina Vista are also other sub-communities included in the Emaar Beachfront.

Perks for Investors

Ever since the news of Emaar Beachfront has been disclosed in the real estate market of Dubai, it has gained huge attention towards it. Emaar Beachfront is spread across 10 million square feet. This master development provides a number of projects from which investors and home seekers can choose from.

Should You Invest in Emaar Beachfront Off-Plan Properties?

If you want to go deeper and understand why investing in Emaar Beachfront can turn out to be fruitful for you, read the following reasons.

Waterfront Lifestyle

At Emaar Beachfront, you will be surrounded by the beach each day. You will get the freedom to enjoy the sandy shore daily. So, if the idea of an upscale lifestyle or a daily visit to the beach tempts you, you should invest in Emaar Beachfront.

High ROI Yield

Everyone knows that Dubai offers very high returns on investment. However, this new development by Emaar has attracted all eyes which means you can gain an even better return on this project. The best ROI will be offered by homes in Elie Saab and Beach Vista.

Perfect Location

The Emaar Beachfront is situated between Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Apart from the glamorous beaches, the residents can enjoy accessibility to yacht clubs, shopping malls and premium restaurants. Moreover, the direct access to Sheikh Zayed road allows people to travel easily to the rest of Dubai.

Stunning Views

If you are a fan of gorgeous views, you will definitely be amazed by all the views offered by Emaar Beachfront.

Benefits of Investing in Emaar Off-Plan properties

1. Property Management

In order to guarantee that you obtain what you have paid for, buying property from a credible developer is the most important thing. When it comes to off-plan properties, investors and home seekers typically do not think about property management. Property management refers to the company that monitors the building or development after it has been constructed.

And this is where Emaar stands out. As opposed to other developers in the industry, Emaar Properties boasts superior property management. Even after the project is completed, Emaar looks after the communities and buildings with the help of its own management company known as Emril.

When we talk about high quality facilities management, Emril is unrivaled. If you want proof, you can see The Lakes and The Springs. These were the communities built by Emaar in the beginning.

2. Time Handover

The biggest advantage of purchasing off-plan property from influential and trustworthy developers is that you will receive your property at the correct time. Therefore, with Emaar, you can expect punctuality and zero delays. If you want a timely property handover, look no further than Emaar Properties.

3. Great Off-Plan Collection

Being the top-rated developer in the Dubai real estate market means that Emaar has had the privilege to build tons of communities, buildings and properties. No other UAE developer boasts the expansive portfolio similar to Emaar.

Potential investors and home seekers have the freedom to choose from a plethora of options. You can decide which residence to purchase according to your budget, needs, location and design. There are different off-plan projects under Emaar Properties such as apartments, penthouses, villas, townhouses and so much more.

No matter how many bedrooms you need, what your budget is, and which property type you are interested in, you will be amazed at the collection.

4. Property in the Most Demanding Places

If you purchase a residence from the city’s most demanding address, you won’t have to worry about it’s future value. The shorefront residences in the Emaar Beachfront are all very sought-after.

5. Utilization of High Quality Materials

Emaar Properties is recognized by its usage of the best quality of materials in all of their property ventures. If you need a resilient and weather resistant home, you should invest in Emaar Properties.

Noteworthy Off-Plan Projects by Emaar

  1. Dubai Opera
  2. Boulevard Plaza
  3. Address Residencies
  4. Vida Residencies

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