Will Apple ever make a Chromecast-style streaming dongle?

According to The Information, Apple is searching for new ways to reach a wider audience, and the answer may just be to release a streaming dongle like Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. 

If the cost of installing a US$179 (RM751) Apple TV box is just a bit too steep for you to stream content to your television and other devices, Apple may have a solution for you soon. 

The Information reported that the company has been considering the possibility of developing an Apple-brand dongle to stream video content to Apple-brand products like the Apple TV, iPhones and iPads – such a nifty device is expected to draw in more viewers for the company’s upcoming TV streaming service that’s rolling out next year. 

Unfortunately, as of yet, there is no confirmation of the Apple dongle – it may not have ever left the discussion stage. In terms of building a mass audience, this could be a smart move for the company considering that competitor dongles don’t typically exceed US$50 (RM209) – a price tag less than half of Apple’s streaming-capable devices. 

We know and Apple knows that in order to get viewers to use the upcoming service, there has to be a more affordable option than an Apple TV box to stream content. The possibility of a streaming app also underwent internal discussion, but like the dongle, nothing was confirmed. 

The streaming service, which will feature over US$1bil (RM4.19bil) worth of original content, is expected to roll out across the world next year. With 2018 nearly over, some sort of Apple streaming device is likely on its way. – AFP Relaxnews


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