Dota Auto Chess latest patch brings a few new features to the game along with a new chess piece.

Winter Wyvern has been active lately on the test servers and today she makes it to the live client as a 1 gold Dragon – Mage piece with the Dota 2 healing ability Cold Embrace.

Cold Embrace:

Duration: 2/3/4
Base health regen: 10/15/20
Max health regen: 10%/15%/ 20%

The 2 stars and 3 stars Sven has been considerably nerfed. God of Strength bonus damage being downscaled from 100%/200%/300% to 100%/150%/200%

With today’s update Drodo Studio implemented a Dota Auto Chess Pass. The pass comes at the price of $0.99 and unlocks premium content for the players. It’s worth mentioning that the pass will expire in 30 days.

Dota Auto Chess Pass unlocks:

  • Baby Roshan courier.
  • Daily first win candy Bonus ( 5 candies for finishing top three and bonus 5 candies for finishing 1st).
  • Golden border of your avatar. Golden paint of your chat messages, golden effect on your damage projectile.
  • The right to vote new chess pieces.

Tango and Mango

Apart from the new chess piece and the DAC Pass, the game developer has also added two consumables. The players who haven’t received any item random drop from 5 consecutive neutral creep kills will be compensated with a consumable Tango or Mango.

Tango: Consume a tree to restore 1 to 5 health points for your courier.
Mango: Consume to gain 1 to 5 mana (gold) for your courier.

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