When Sophie Sinclair’s boyfriend Daniel became distant she had an inescapable feeling he was cheating.

So the 23-year-old mum from West Yorkshire, England, decided to test their relationship and find out if he was cheating once and for all.

She created a fake Facebook profile, posing as a woman named Daisy in a honeytrap to bust her man and confirm her fears.

Despite having a son together, Sophie said after nearly three years together, she began to notice Daniel was constantly on his phone.

Eventually she resorted to scrolling through his Facebook friend list and was shocked to discover just how many girls he’d been adding.

“Alarm bells started ringing and, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t shake the feeling my man was up to no good,” she explained.

But it was a sneaky raid of his Facebook messages in October 2015 that caused Sophie to create a honeytrap, after she discovered flirty messages Daniel had sent another woman.

“Hey cutie xxx” one read.

She said she confronted her “handsome” boyfriend, but he denied any wrongdoing.

But Sophie couldn’t shrug off the suspicious feeling.


After finding a photo of a tattooed girl on Google images, Sophie proceeded with trying to catch her partner out.

“I silently willed Daniel not to fall for my honeytrap, but as I sent him a friend request from Daisy’s account, all I had to do was wait,” she said.


“My heart sank when Daniel quickly took the bait. “Hey beautiful” he typed after accepting Daisy’s friend request.

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“I felt sick for the next three days, as Daniel played happy families with me and our little boy while secretly messaging Daisy,” she said.

While Sophie said it was heartbreaking seeing Daniel’s deceit unfold in front of her, she was determined to see the trap through.

Daisy made plans to meet him as Sophie played happy families with her man.

When Daniel then announced he was staying at a friend’s house, she knew he was planning on meeting his fake woman.

“He went out that night as planned, but he almost ruined my plan by asking to speak to Daisy before they met up,” Sophie said.

She had given a friend’s number, and when he called, Sophie put on a “posh accent” to disguise her own voice.

“I felt sure Daniel would know it was me right away, but he quickly fell for my sultry voice,” Sophie said, adding Daniel told her she sounded “so hot”.

“I tried my best to keep the conversation going but soon my anger got the better of me and she revealed her true identity, telling him he was an “idiot”.

Instead of admitting he’d been busted, Daniel told Sophie he knew it was her all along.

Sophie said she saw through his lies, and he confessed everything, begging her to forgive him.

Despite Daniel’s desperate pleas, Sophie said she knew she couldn’t trust him anymore and kicked him out of their apartment.

“I was heartbroken, but I knew I was doing the best thing for my family,” she said.

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Sophie has now moved on with her life and is dating someone new.

Daniel has admited his indiscretions, saying: “No (I don’t feel bad about it), as she did it to me prior.”

However Sophie has denied cheating on him during their relationship.

Additional reporting by Medavia.



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