Woman finds evidence of dad’s 20-year affair with aunt on Facebook –

A woman has revealed the moment she discovered her father was having an affair with her aunty.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to explain how she and her cousin accidentally opened up Facebook messenger, where they saw their relatives had been “sexting” — a relationship that had been going on for more than 20 years.

“I don’t even know how to explain it, but basically my father (towards whom I didn’t have any positive feelings even prior to that) apparently has been having an affair with my godmother, that is a wife of my mother’s brother,” the woman began her post online.

The alleged affair was exposed when one her cousins accidentally opened her aunty’s Facebook on her computer.

“Their conversation was the first to pop up.”

The woman said when her cousin quickly called her to notify her of the news she thought it was a joke.

“It was so unbelievable for me,” she said, however she asked her cousin to take screenshots

for evidence.

She then impulsively phoned her aunt to confront her, saying “she had the audacity to immediately delete the entire thing as they were talking, while obviously explaining that is was just a joke”.

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Writing on Reddit, the woman said: “We decided to give my aunt a week to confess (which she’s not going to do) and then we will show the copies first to my uncle and then my mum.”

She then asked commenters to weigh in on the situation, asking whether she is doing the right thing, and whether she should just tell her mum now.

“Your mum absolutely needs to know, do NOT fall for the age old ‘I need to hide this to protect her’ fallacy,” one person wrote, adding, “It will hurt her, but she deserves the truth.”

The same commenter said they thought it was a “huge mistake to give it a week”.

“You’ve said yourself she’s never gonna confess it, so all you’re doing is giving your dad and your aunt time to go to ground and map a strategy, maybe clean up the bank accounts and God knows what else,” the person said.

“You should have told her immediately, before they have time to strategise and mount a counter offensive.”

However, others believed it wasn’t a good idea, saying there were consequences.

“There are ramifications here that need to be explored. Your cousins, for instances, might be your half siblings,” they posted.

The woman took all the comments on-board adding, “It’s still hard for me to come to terms with all of this.”


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