Wooden Bed vs. Metal Bed – Which One to Choose

Wooden Bed vs. Metal Bed - Which One to Choose

The bedroom is one of the vital rooms in your house. It is the room where you rejuvenate yourself and give a fresh start to yourself every day. In a bedroom, the bed is the furniture which gulps most of the floor space. Beds are generally huge and are the essential furniture for a bedroom. For an undisturbed sleep, all you need is a bed with the perfect mattress on it.

There are 2 type’s beds available depending on the material they are made of; wooden and metal bed. Analyze your needs first and based on it search the options available in the market. They are available at almost all furniture shops. The other option that you also can consider is buying beds and sofa online.

Wooden Bed

Beds that have a wooden frame and stand are made of wood that gives a natural appearance. They are sturdy and provide maximum support to the occupant. Buying a wooden bed online can be a wise move. It will save your freight expense.


  • Durability – Wooden frames usually come with a long guarantee period. It is because of the robustness. It can withstand extreme weather conditions because it is a bad conductor of heat. If it is taken care of, it can last for a few generations.
  • Appearance – The natural texture of the wood makes your room feel close to nature. The moment you feel connected to nature, you feel relaxed and relieved. The craftsman highlights the natural beauty of the wood by using human skills while making the bed. The style of a wooden bed varies from being sophisticated to antique and from traditional to contemporary.
  • Low maintenance – Wood being a natural product, the maintenance requirement is the least. It can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth. A protective finish is applied to ensure the timber is sealed. This protects it from scratches.

Metal Bed

Nowadays the metal bed frames have become popular among the new generation people. There are many modern designs available which give your bedroom a chic look. The metals used for bed frames are iron, steel, and aluminum.


  • Convenient – Assembling a wooden bed frame is not at all easy. It requires carpenters to perform the task. Contrarily, metal frames are easier to assemble and dismantle. There are minimum screws used to fit the metal parts. Hence, it becomes easy to shift the bed from one place to the other.
  • Cheap – Metal frames are found to be cheaper than wooden ones. Having said that, you also don’t have to compromise on the style. There are various fashionable designs available that are sure to attract your vision.
  • Versatile – The metal bed frames add an aesthetic value to your bedroom. They are more versatile than any other bed frame. The artisans can put different designs and colours on the frames. You can get something that will go with the overall decor of your bedroom.

You don’t buy a bed very often. Hence, whenever you buy one, it is important to make the right choice. The points mentioned above will surely help in making in taking a wise decision.

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