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Wordle #380, July 4, 2022: Clues, hints and answer to today's Wordle

The toughest word in the past weeks for sure, today’s Wordle, if you know what I mean? Well, the New York Times which releases this game on a daily basis and helps scratch the nerves of those who wait for this game, must be getting a mouthful, for it is so tough today!

For those who have never played and think they have the gumption to do so, the rules are simple. A 5 letter word is the answer every day and you need to guess the right word. Hints and clues are provided but if you have the vowel consonants in the right place the green letters say so. If you get a yellow letter that means the letter is correct but the placement is wrong. A black letter means it’s not part of the word for that day at all. The game is FREE so feel free to attempt it. You are to get the word within 6 attempts. If you win you continue to enjoy your winning streak, so long as the game is around. Once you get your 3rd answer in three consecutive days, you are on a winning STREAK. Wordle tries to knock you off your streak.

Now let’s get on with today’s winning word for Wordle. First, the hints so the unskilled in vocabulary can get it easily.

Hint 1: It is related to the word CUT.

Hint 2: There are 2 common vowels in the word.

Hint 3: it is similar to a break-off.

Most of you have got it by now. However, those who haven’t can just cheat and scroll down for the answer. A real bunch of losers some of you! But keep trying and don’t scroll down. I am sure you will get the answer.

The answer for #380 Wordle on the 4th of July is:


If you guys don’t know the meaning, it means to “CUT-OFF”- Ouch!

See you, folks, again for tomorrow’s Wordle. Keep reading.

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