WordPress Review – Should You Use it to Build Websites in 2021?

WordPress Review: Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is free and used to create a professional-looking website for your business. Whenever business owners have to build a website for their business, the first question on top of their minds is “Is WordPress Good?” or, more precisely, “Is WordPress STILL Good?” If you are one of them, this WordPress review is written for you.

There are over 64 million websites using WordPress, and over 400 million people visit WordPress websites each month. More and more bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses are turning to WordPress because it is a relatively less expensive website development source and offers a diverse range of professional themes. There are various WordPress alternatives in the market, including Wix, HubSpot, Weebly, and various more.

So, if you want to know if WordPress is still a reliable content management system, read along!

In this Review:

  • What is WordPress, and How Does It Work?
  • Advantages of Using WordPress
  • Disadvantages of Using WordPress
  • Who Is It Best For?
  • Is WordPress Expensive?
  • WordPress Alternatives

What is WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular site builders out there. As we mentioned earlier, the site builder powers more than 64% million websites. It might come as a surprise to you that a whopping 37% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress.

In simpler terms, WordPress is a site builder that allows you to build websites and publish content. Back in the day, WordPress was no more than a tool to build websites. But now, you can think of it as a massive ecosystem comprising various plugins and professional themes.

Advantages of Using WordPress

  • It’s a user-friendly site builder that makes editing webpages and publishing new content quick and easy
  • People without website management knowledge can easily organize articles using WordPress
  • It offers a lot of free and paid plugins to make building websites easy
  • It’s one of the few website builders that can be downloaded on your server free of cost
  • There are a diverse range of premium themes in store for you that cost anywhere between $19 to $99.9
  • WordPress is extremely secure, thanks to the frequent security updates
  • It carries an array of responsive themes
  • The site builder is SEO-friendly and carries a lot of SEO-friendly plugins to further optimize the websites
  • WordPress is not just great for writing and publishing text; it’s a platform that can handle different media types, including videos, tweets, and more
  • It allows you to access a huge collection of add-ons and extensions
  • Many third party tools have integration available for WordPress, including some of the most popular and user-friendly lead generation, email marketing, and SEO software
  • You don’t necessarily have to know coding to build a website on WordPress

Disadvantages of Using WordPress

  • WordPress when you first install is quite basic, so you might have to use various plugins and themes to improve the visuals and functionality of the website
  • From installing updates to creating backups and securing the website, you are responsible for handling and managing everything on your own
  • If you want to make the most out of it, you might have to know the basics of HTML and CSS
  • You might need a lot of plugins and extensions to enhance the functionality of the website

Who is it Best for?

Whether you want to get into blogging or launch your business website, WordPress is great for everything. However, if you want to know if it’s REALLY the right site builder for you, follow this simple checklist:

  • You have to build a website to showcase your portfolio and testimonials
  • You want to build a professional-looking website without having to spend tons of money
  • You can follow tutorials
  • You want things to be simple, easy, and convenient

Is WordPress Expensive?

One of the primary advantages of using WordPress is that it’s extremely cost-effective. Unlike WordPress alternatives like Weebly and Wix, WordPress is 100% free. The money you end up spending depends on the level of functionality and design you wish to achieve. But, as it is a free site builder, it still represents extraordinary value for money.

In other words, WordPress is free to download, but you will have to spend money to buy themes, plugins, hosting, domain, and other useful extensions. In terms of price, WordPress is really hard to beat.

The site builder offers four packages, including Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce. If you want to pay monthly, the packages cost $7, $14, $33, and $55, respectively. However, if you want to pay annually, the average monthly cost would be $4, $8, $25, and $45, respectively.

Before buying a package, make sure to understand your needs better and run a thorough comparison.

By comparing WordPress with WordPress alternatives, here’s what we found:

WordPress vs. Wix

WordPress is more flexible and easier to modify than Wix. In the long run, Wix costs significantly more than WordPress.

WordPress vs. Weebly

Weebly is great for building websites for small businesses, but WordPress is the beast that helps small to large-sized businesses build professional websites. With WordPress, you can build a website for $50 to $200, but on Weebly, the annual costs are fixed at $96 to $300.

WordPress vs. Squarespace

Squarespace is user-friendly but significantly less flexible than WordPress. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than Squarespace as well. But, that doesn’t mean that Squarespace is of no good. The site builder is great for building conventional websites and carries built-in features.

A Final Word

We hope that this WordPress review helped you come to the conclusion that WordPress is still relevant in 2021. If the site builder continues to do a great job, it’ll stay relevant for the next 50 years as well.

There are many advantages to using WordPress. It’s one of the few site builders that is 100% free to install. If you don’t want to save money and build a website that you can manage without taking help from a web designing company, WordPress is a great option to consider.

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