After hitting four-year high in June, the WPI inflation has ebbed a little to 5.09 per cent in the month of July, official data released today showed.

Inflation measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) was at four year high of 5.77 per cent in the month of June owing to high food and fuel prices.

Jul WPI primary articles inflation stood at 1.73%, down from 5.3% in June while July WPI manufactured products inflation was measured at 4.26% against 4.17% in June.

Another reason for the decrease in WPI inflation is the reduction in food inflation which contracted to -0.86% last month.

The wholesale inflation in food articles category was (-)2.16 per cent in July as against (+) 1.80 per cent in the previous month, the Commere and Industry ministry data showed.

Among others in the basket, vegetable prices fell by 14.07 per cent during the reported month as compared to a growth of 8.12 per cent in June. Likewise, there was an 8.81 per cent fall in wholesale prices of fruits in July as against a rise of 3.87 per cent in the preceding month.

In pulses category, inflation stood at (-) 17.03 per cent as against (-) 20.23 per cent.

The retail inflation eased to a nine-month low of 4.17 per cent in July, from 4.9 per cent in June, on account of cheaper food articles, data showed yesterday.

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