WWDC: Apple’s iOS 13 NFC improvements are good for business – Computerworld

Apple will make NFC much more useful in iPhones running iOS 13, and these enhancements will impact the retail, medical, government and security industries.

What is Apple changing?

Apple already uses NFC to support Apple Pay and the Apple Pay Express Transit system which is rolling out at this time.

While it has incrementally extended the tasks NFC supports over the years, the company has limited its NFC support to the NDEF standard until now, but extends this with support for new standards in its Core NFC Framework in iOS 13.

These include Mifare, FeliCa, ISO 7816 (e.g. for passports, transit and contactless smart cards), and ISO 15693. It is not known if Apple will support the NFC Forum’s latest TNEP standard.

Support for these standards is significant. It means that rather than simply being able to read NFC tags, developers will be given the tools they need in order to create apps that can also write to and local blank tags.


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