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WWE 2K20.


WWE 2K20, the latest in 2K’s long line of grappling games, was released on Tuesday. A few reviews are already in, and so far they’re not good. But, if you frequent game or wrestling communities on Reddit or Twitter, you already know the game has issues. Photos of the game’s curiously substandard graphics and GIFs of freaky glitches have been circulating the internet for the past week.

Tweeters have created the #FixWWE2K20 hashtag to vent their frustration of buying a full-priced game that oftentimes completely breaks on them.

Even beyond gameplay breakdown, the past week has seen many posts criticizing what looks like some serious graphical degradation compared to previous WWE 2K games.


A post on the r/SquaredCircle subreddit.


Previous WWE 2K games have been developed by Japanese developer Yuke’s in conjunction with games studio Visual Concepts. WWE 2K20, however, is the first game in the series to be solely handled by Visual Concepts. Yuke’s had developed every WWE game since 2000’s original SmackDown!

“I think freeing is the first feeling that you get,” Visual Concepts’ creative director, Lynell Jinks, told Gamespot of its newfound lone development of WWE games. “And the second one you have is the reality, where that sets in where you’re like, ‘Oh, now that it’s all ours, that means that we have to write tools and write systems, and actually understand how these things were really put together.’

“And this is 20 years of just Yukes’ code, Yukes’ art, Yukes’ pipelines that we had to take apart and understand. Not only understand, but make it ours and try to make it better at the same time, or make it as good as it was.”

WWE 2K has been contacted for comment.

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