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Home alarm systems offer a blanket of security for your loved ones and property. By equipping your property with the best home security system, you can go on with your day with peace of mind. Alongside deterring burglars, your installed security system should also efficiently and responsively provide protection and convenience.


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X-Sense’s home security kit has it all with an additional layer of features that can help you manage and monitor your family and property’s safety. The X-Sense home alarm system has an array of sensors and controls. On top of it is its smart customization for easier access and navigation.

About X-Sense

X-Sense is a licensed manufacturer of fire safety and home security alarms. They are a leading pioneer in detecting early smoke and carbon monoxide risks. The company devotes itself to providing products to protect people and their property from different forms of fire and other related hazards.

What Is the Best House Alarm System?

Among thousands of home alarm systems, X-Sense is topping the entries with its best features to date. The system is designed to provide maximum security against various intrusions and dangers.

But let’s get to the basics first — their facile installation process.

For starters, X-Sense’s home security system is already pre-configured upon arrival. There will be no need to hardwire the products.

X-Sense’s competitive advantage is its easy-to-setup home security kit. Their DIY home alarm system allows you to install it by yourself in any preferred area of your property. You can simply connect and paste, plus unlimited tests on its functionality too.

Another best thing to look forward to is X-Sense’s simple smoke detector setup procedures. For additional assurance, you can get an experienced electrician to oversee the installation process.

After setting your X-Sense home security and smoke detector system in place, take a look at its strengths and how you can use it to your security advantage.

Home security system

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Far-distance Monitoring

X-Sense displays a motion sensor comprising a 110° detection angle and a range of up to 12 meters (40 feet). This means that you will instantly receive a notification when any movement takes place within the area covered by the X-Sense motion sensor.

In addition, there’s a 1.25-mile communication range between the sensor and the base station of the home alarm system, which holds long-distance transmission. Nonetheless, this is powered by LoRa (long-range) technology that allows seamless communication between two distant devices.

This noteworthy feature proves to be helpful with homes having basements, patios, sheds, and other outbuildings in the property. With this, you can install them anywhere you like and still receive notifications when someone steps afoot into your property.

Therefore, X-Sense’s motion sensor assures you that no one will dare break into your home undetected.

Aside from motion sensors, X-Sense’s home security system also has entry sensors. These are attachable to your doors and windows. Likewise, you’ll receive notifications if someone enters any of those inlets. Plus, it has an alert informing you of which door or window has been opened.

Most importantly, all of these monitoring systems provided by X-Sense are available for free.

Smart Customization

X-Sense optimized its use of technology with its partnership with Alexa. You are free to customize and control your home alarm with just a few clicks on your smartphone app. Besides this, there’s also an available remote control for the home alarm system.

The app lets you configure your installed X-Sense home security system. You can choose to arm or disarm it and even change the motion sensor’s sensitivity.

Through its app, you are also in control of the alarm level alongside its notification sound. X-Sense’s products have few similarities with the Ring alarm system in this feature.

But unlike the Ring security system, X-Sense lets you administer better awareness not just for yourself and your family but also for your neighbors.

Once notifications are sent to your smartphone app, your choice to customize how loud your security system will ring is entirely up to you. This will also alert your neighbors if someone’s trying to break in.

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Home security system

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Aside from smoke detectors, X-Sense also sends carbon monoxide and fire alarms. X-Sense’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector alert you in real-time the moment it occurs. Thus, giving you the chance to act on it immediately.

Take note that the smoke and carbon monoxide detector is not compatible with the home security system and is a separate device that you can obtain. However, X-Sense’s newly designed XS03-WX and XS03-IWX hold features that will make it compatible with their home security system, available in the near future.

Effortless Monitoring

Aside from working with the virtual assistant, Alexa, the X-Sense home security system also makes monitoring a lot easier. A Wi-Fi connection lets you monitor your home security on a mobile phone via the app.

Easy To Manage

With you being in control through X-Sense’s smartphone app, you can easily mute the alarm system with just a click. This is a convenient feature if the alarm mistakenly rings aloud or if someone who entered is not an intruder.


  • Distant monitoring

  • Allows effortless monitoring

  • Has a remote for easier alarm management

  • Has a smoke and carbon monoxide detector

  • Allows smart customization for immediate access in setting up their products


This array of helpful features and advantages puts forth X-Sense’s products at the top. X-Sense, therefore, performs according to its initial intent — to help individuals and properties be secured at all times.

What Are the 3 Main Types of Alarms?

One of the many reasons X-Sense is the best home alarm system is that it can cover all three main types of alarms.

X-Sense offers 2-in-1 protection with its photoelectric and electrochemical CO sensors working together. It instantly notifies you when a dangerous smoke or CO is detected. That being the case, it can now send both fire and carbon monoxide alarms from just one unit.

Equipped with motion and entry sensors, you will immediately receive real-time alerts. You can also place its sensors on any entry point in your property to maximize your security.

After detecting possible intrusion, X-Sense, through its app, will let you ring the security alarm system to notify other people in your home that someone has broken in. It also helps neighbors to be aware that burglary is currently happening.

All in all, X-Sense offers complete protection to your family and property from dangerous indoor and outdoor situations.

X-Sense: the Best Home Alarm System Review

Reliable home alarm systems are hard to come by these days. Choosing a security system that will protect you from break-ins and indoor hazards is a top priority so you can live in peace every day.

Unlike other security systems, X-Sense provides comfort with their interlinkage with mobile devices, so users will only have to monitor and manage the system installed in their house in the most convenient ways.

Most importantly, it ensures that hazards related to smoke will be detected and put away, which is a feature most security systems fail to consider.

Fortunately, X-Sense has everything you could ever ask for in a home security system. After installing and putting their products in use, you’ll never feel the threat to rise anymore. With X-Sense, your home will be the safest haven it should be without external and internal risks.

With sensitive sensors, swift response, and other convenient features to manage the system easily, purchasing security home systems offered by X-Sense will instantly put you into safety.

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