Xiaomi doubles down on security and privacy with tailored courses and practical instructions at annual forum – Nasi Lemak Tech

Xiaomi’s 3rd consecutive year of hosting the annual Security and Privacy Awareness Month came to a close just a few days ago.

Xiaomi Security and Privacy Awareness Month

Engaged simultaneously over at the Xiaomi Technology Park in Beijing, China, and the Technology Operation Center in Singapore, the basic gist of the event is giving employee training and expert seminars by opening up discussions with involved professionals like industry executives, IT security experts, and the public about the importance of data security and user privacy protection.

The brand also released several white papers surrounding the 2 topics alongside its annual transparency report detailing all sorts of data security activities.

Needless to say, the purpose of this is to bolster both the employees, engineers, and the user covered in the sense of business and customers, the necessary privacy practices, and security measures in Xiaomi’s business model and products.

By building more credibility and accountability through transparency and in coordination with cybersecurity experts, smartphone operating system engineers, lawyers, and legal compliance experts, Xiaomi continues to push for the goal of safeguarding every user they serve.

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