Are you still relying on guesswork when investing in ICOs, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies? XResearch is here to help you with your investment issues. It is a platform that has been designed to provide you with professional insights drawn from a team of analysts with a wealth of experience working on Wall Street.

What Is XResearch?

XResearch is basically a revolution in investment research. The team behind its development believes that its time the crypto universe started taking an interest in what investors have to say. Currently, there are numerous independent firms located all over the globe whose focus is to gather and produce research for use in traditional markets.

However, the same cannot be said for the crypto universe, as there are no dedicated blockchain companies for those interested in cryptocurrency investment across the globe. In addition, you will find that there are very many blockchain-based companies that produce regular content for crypto investors.

But of all the thousands of such websites and platforms in existence today, none of them are led by a quality and a highly-experienced team of research experts. And this is where XRESEARCH comes in.

XRESEARCH is an investment research firm that is dedicated to researching crypto and blockchain investments. Its developers hold a strong belief that ICO and crypto investors are normally shortchanged when it comes to access to high-quality and reliable investment information. It is the reason why they are interested in disrupting the existing status quo.

XResearch Blockchain, Crypto And ICO Investing Benefits

The founding team at XRESEARCH has a combined experience of more than thirty years working as investment professionals on Wall Street. The team has worked with investment companies such as Deutsche Bank, PIMCO, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. By choosing to invest in these tokens, you will benefit in the following ways:

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Receive Crypto Tips From The Professionals

XRESEARCH provides insights that have been analyzed by a team of professionals who have in the past worked as major mutual fund managers, securities analyst, and portfolio managers. The teams’ main goal is to ensure they provide investors with reliable advice that will enable them to make informed investment decisions.

Become An Investment Expert

XRESEARCH holds a strong belief that investment research can be modernized if it is decentralized. It is the reason why they have made it possible for their token holders to submit their own research to their network. This can be done by validating nodes, as well as tracking the performance of the token holders.

Get Paid For Each Contribution

All verified contributors will get to charge a certain amount in the form of fees for all the content they post based on the user engagement. The amount earned will also be determined by the accuracy of the predictions they made in their contributions. This means that token holders will get to benefit from being part of the contributor community.

XResearch XRES Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 XRES
  • Presale/ public sale: 650,000,000 XRES
  • Reserve: 200,000,000 XRES
  • Treasury: 100,000,000 XREs
  • Team/ founders: 50,000,000 XRES
  • Be sure to confirm your eligibility before making a purchase



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