Yellowstone volcano rocked by 67 earthquakes amid fears of overdue eruption – 'It isn't!'

Social media is rife with unsubstantiated claims and conspiracies about the supervolcano – claims the USGS has been diligently debunking.

One person tweeted: “How am I supposed to get ready for work tomorrow knowing full well that Yellowstone is overdue for a massive explosion and the magnetic poles will flip someday?”

Another person said: “Keep in mind the worlds largest volcano is about overdue.

“Every 600,000 years, Yellowstone goes off. It could seriously impact all life on Earth. Also, the magnetic poles have started to flip.”

And a third person said: “Uhhh Yellowstone is most definitely overdue to erupt, by over 60,000 years.”

But Yellowstone is not overdue another blast and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.


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