You will now have to pay extra to board a train or get off at revamped stations

You will soon need to pay somewhere between Rs 10 and Rs 50 to board trains from stations that either have been redeveloped or are planned to be revamped soon.

Similarly, a fee would be charged to get off at the stations that have recently been revamped or will be soon.

This specific fee will automatically be added to the regular fare one pays when they book their seats just as one books flight tickets.

Fee charged from the users would be levied in 5 segments, highest in the First Class AC and subsequently lesser in AC-2, AC-3, sleeper category and unreserved classes.

The fee charged would soon be notified by the railway ministry which is sure to benefit private players and would encourage more private bodies to bid for such projects.

The proposal sent by Railways to be approved by the Cabinet.

The national transporter will now come out with the fixed charges and would notify the detailed policy.

An official told TOI that the notification is expected to intimate about the charges in the next 4-5 days.

The official, as per TOI, added that there would soon be clarity about if charges can be levied on people boarding stations that are under development or only the redeveloped ones.


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