Your Best Guide to the Top AV Equipment You Need for a Brilliant Event

Your Best Guide to the Top AV Equipment You Need for a Brilliant Event

Whether it’s a party, wedding, business conference or seminar, or more, the event you are planning can be made even better with the proper AV equipment. But if you are not an AV equipment specialist, deciding on what you need can be a challenge because there are indeed a lot of options and considerations out there. There are various complexities associated with audio-visual requirements based on the event you are having, and some events (such as concerts) will require more in terms of AV equipment. But some equipment is a standard across all sorts of events, so here’s your best guide to the top AV equipment you need for a brilliant event.

What to Remember

If your event consists of over a dozen attendees, you need to have the proper AV equipment and system. This allows you to ensure that speeches, presentations, and panels are all audible to your audience.

The Top Equipment You Need

1. Desktop or Laptop Computers

Computers are a necessity for holding whatever info or data you would like your audience to see or hear, whether it’s a presentation, slideshow, music, video, and so on. The computer will hold your visual or audio files, and you can hook it up to a projector or monitor. Laptops are a better choice as they are easy to transport, but you want something more stable or permanent (for an exhibition booth, for instance), then a desktop computer would be ideal.

2. Microphone/s

Microphones are necessary for presentations or speeches, and it is undoubtedly a necessity at any event. Your mics don’t have to be highly advanced, but they should have a good enough quality to withstand prolonged use during your event. You would also want something that easily connects to your receivers or speakers. If you have presenters, you may want lapel microphones or mics that you can attach to clothing instead of being held by hand.

3. Monitor/s

You may also want to have a big monitor or two, even if you are already making use of a desktop or laptop. Your guests or attendees can easily view the big monitor, and it can bring your videos or presentations to life. AV hire specialists recommend making sure you have whatever chords you need to connect your laptop or desktop to your monitor.

4. Projector

If you are conducting a big event where your guests or attendees are watching something all at the same time, you may want a projector, too. With this, you can project the content of your computer or files onto a screen or large blank surface.

5. Speakers

Speaker systems can also make a huge impact, and they can make a big difference at your event. If you don’t want your attendees or guests to strain or have difficulty hearing presenters, you need to have a speaker system that is good enough for your event space or venue.

You can choose to set up all the required AV equipment on your own, but this can lead to problems, especially with connecting monitors to computers and setting up your speakers. If you want to do away with technical worries, it’s a good idea to use an AV hire service, and they can ensure that you have the equipment you need and will set it up for you as well.

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