Your Guide to Winter Event Hire Facilities

Your Guide to Winter Event Hire Facilities

As many of the restrictions that we have faced over the course of the last 18 months have been lifted, and things slowly start to return to their own new level of normal, event organisers are finally able to get back to work. They can start planning for all of those seasonal events that we associate with the winter. 

When it comes to planning events, it is essential to provide the right facilities for both your visitors and your own staff. This is vital to ensure that you have every eventuality covered in terms of hygiene and safety requirements. Whilst this requirement for hire facilities is important all year round it is even more important to consider your requirements in winter. You will also need to offer your event management team the appropriate means of shelter which will protect them from the elements, before, during and after the event as they work to make it a success. 

What Facilities Might be Required?

There are a number of different facilities that you might require for event hire and management so let’s look at them in detail:

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are essential for any events particularly those where there is a need to cater for higher numbers of guests. With more and more events considering the option of utilising outdoor space this year, rather than indoor space, in order to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, this means that having plenty of more spaced out toilet facilities is essential. If your event is ticketed, and many events are choosing this as an option for this year in order to control their numbers, then a good facilities hire company will be able to recommend exactly how many portable toilets you should consider. They will also be able to help you when it comes to the most efficient placement of them at your event as well. 

Site Cabin Welfare Units

Whilst many people may commonly associate this type of facility with busy building sites, they play a vital role at any larger winter event. They can be used as an office space for any organisation task that needs to take place. These could be the day today tasks of being onsite to set up the event, the running of the event whilst it takes place or even the packing away of the event. They provide a great base from which all of the work, and employees can be coordinated. 

A good site cabin welfare unit can also be used as a place for the event staff to shelter, giving them a warm and dry base to take a break or shelter from inclement weather. 

For larger events, they may even function as lost property offices or a central point of safety should there be a lost child at the event who you need to keep safe whilst locating their parent or guardian. They offer a good many uses that will vary depending on the type of event that you are running and of course its duration. 

Generator Hire

It can also be a very good idea to consider generator hire, particularly for those winter events when you may need them to power both heating and lighting. This is one of those pieces of hire equipment that people can often overlook when organising a winter event, but it is important to remember that not only is it much colder it can also get dark earlier so if you want to encourage people to enjoy your event you need to ensure that they do not feel the need to leave early because of the lack of light or because the weather is too cold.

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