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“With Blago out of the slammer and (former Congressman) Aaron Schock somehow avoiding prison, what’s the updated number of Illinois politicians in prison? And is this the first time in awhile that at least one of our guvs hasn’t been incarcerated?”

Tom’s response

This is the first time since Nov. 6, 2007, that a former Illinois governor wasn’t in federal prison.

As far as the number of Illinois politicians in prison, it appears to be just one: former Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran, who was sentenced to a year in prison last June and is due to be released June 29.

But three current or former state legislators are under indictment — Sen. Tom Cullerton of Villa Park, former Sen. Marty Sandoval of Chicago, and state Rep. Luis Arroyo of Chicago. All three are Democrats.

Sandoval pleaded guilty last month.

Also, Chicago Alderman Ed Burke was indicted last May, has remained in office and has professed innocence.

* The Question: Do you think we’ll make it to June 29th and actually live to see a time period when no Illinois politicians are currently behind bars? Explain.


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